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Verktøy i Lufta is a Norwegian construction company.

Also known as: Verktøy i Luften

Build History:

2003: Reinsvoll Skatepark
2003: Loesmoen Skatepark vert and miniramp
2004: Bjørkelangen Skatepark
2004: Odda Skatepark
2004: Bagn Skatepark
2004: Klyve Skatepark
2005: Nøstedhallen Skatepark Miniramp
2005: Røldal Skole Skatepark
2005: Melvold Skatepark
2005: Flåteløkka Skatepark Miniramp
2005: Kongerød Skatepark
2006: Myra Skatepark
2006: Trikkestallen Skatepark Bowl
2006: Raufoss Skatepark
2006: Hausmania Skatepark Bowlcorners on Miniramp
2007: Nøstedhallen Skatepark Kids Park Upgrades
2007: Bjerkvik Skatepark
2007: Raufoss Skatepark Miniramp
2008: Halden Miniramp Renovation
2009: Åsgårdstrand Skatepark Assistance
2009: Nøstedhallen Skatepark Streetpark Upgrades
2009: Kongsberg Skatepark Street
2009: X-Elements Assembly Vert Ramp
2009: Tacky Miniramp
2010: Nøstedhallen Skatepark BMX Wallride Element
2010: Stadtlandet Miniramp
2010: Helgerød Skatepark
2010: Vision Skatepark
2010: Kongsberg Skatepark Street
2011: Søgne Skatepark
2011: Holmestrand Skatepark
2011: Råde Skatepark
2011: Sandeid Skatepark
2011: Camp Vierli Hotel Indoor Skatepark
2011: Tjøme Skatepark Micro and Bowlcorners
2012: Rud Rampeland Skatelite Surface
2012: Camp Vierli Hotel Outdoor Skatepark
2014: Torshovrampen Microramp and skatelite surface
2015: Tjøme Skatepark Vert Ramp


2010 - 2014:
20?? - xxxx: Facebook

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Arena Bekkestua Skatepark Gets Bowl [25/10/2016]
Verktøy i Lufta is building a new bowl at the Bekkestua indoor skatepark.

Trikkestallen Back 2 School Bowljam 2015 [20/8/2015]
Verktøy i Lufa has changed the surface of the bowl at Trikkestallen Skatepark, and they are celebrating with a contest 3 September 2015.

Tjøme Skatepark Gets Norways Largest Vert [3/5/2015]
Verktøy i Lufa is building Norways largest vert ramp at Tjøme Skatepark.


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Indoor Skateparks In Norway 2016/2017 [7/11/2016]
Winter is upon us once again. Here is another look at the indoor skateparks in Norway.

Arena Bekkestua Skatepark Bowl Update [4/11/2016]
The kids at Arena Bekkestua got to test the new bowl before the second layer of surface was put on. Here is a clip.

New Skatepark in Søgne [17/6/2011]
The old concrete obstacles at Søgne has been replaced with a fresh new skatepark. Here is some information.

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2012: Tjøme Skatepark [18/11/2014]

2011: Tjøme Skatepark [18/11/2014]

2005: Klyve Skatepark [18/11/2014]

2005: Klyve Skatepark [18/11/2014]

2011: Holmestrand Skatepark [12/11/2014]

2011: Holmestrand Skatepark [12/11/2014]

2011: Holmestrand Skatepark [12/11/2014]

2010: Websites [26/3/2010]

2005: Flåteløkka Skatepark [28/12/2005]