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Jean TV was an actionsport store located in Oslo, Norway. It is now closed.

Also known as: Jean TV Pro Shop / American Action Sport AS


Arkaden, Karl Johans gate 7, 0154 Oslo, Norway.


Kjell Martin Halvorsen started Jean TV in 1982, to sell jeans and second hand clothes.

In 1988 Jean TV quit selling second hand clothes, and instead started selling clothing and equipment for Skateboard, Basket, Baseball, og Football.


A skateboarding team was formed, and the shop started sponsoring skateboarding events.

???? - ????: Bjrn Terje Gulbrandsen
???? - ????: Jon Pedersen
???? - ????: Espen Red
???? - ????: Mathias Skard
???? - ????: Fredrik Fogg
???? - ????: Karsten Kleppan
???? - ????: Anders Stenstad Nilsen
???? - ????: Fritjof Krogvold


In 2009 Jean TV moved to the 2nd floor of Arkaden.


With the new location, the shop got an in-house microramp open for skating.


Several contests was held in the shop.

Advita Jean TV Contest Results and Footage
Ipath Hangout at Jean Tv 2009 2009 Results and Footage
Vox Railjam at Jean TV 2009 Footage
Jean TV Fallen Contest 2009 Footage
Jean TV Miniramp Jam 2009 Footage

Other Shops:

Jean TV stores were opened in several other Norwegian cities as part of the Am Sports chain.

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Seems like the Jean TV action sport store in Oslo went out of business last year. Here is some information.

Jean TV Halloween Skatejam 2011 [27/10/2011]
Jean TV is arranging a Hallowen Skatejam this Saturday. Here is some information.

Advita Jean TV Contest Results and Footage [20/6/2011]
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2011: JeanTV Oslo
Advita Miniramp Jam - Railslide Edition
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2009: Vox Jean TV Railjam
Vox did a railjam event at the Jean TV skateshop in Oslo, Norway during their Eurotrashed Tour. Here is our mashup clip.
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2009: Vox Jean TV Railjam
Unknown blunt to fakie in the microramp at Jean TV during the Vox Railjam event.
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2011: Event Flyers: Show Picture
Advita Miniramp Battle Event Flyer.

2009: Event Flyers: Show Picture
Ipath Jean Tv Hangout Day.

2009: Vox Jean TV Railjam: Show Picture
Gard Hvaara blunt kickflip to fakie in the microramp during the Vox Railjam event at Jean TV in Oslo, Norway.

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Skateboarders Get Exemptions [4/3/2009]
All three Norwegian skateboarders that applied have been granted top athlete status, and an exemption from the mandatory military service.

Mindfield and Miniramp Jam At Jean TV [27/2/2009]
Merch Distribution is arranging a movie premiere and miniramp jam on Jean TV this saturday, and Greg Hunt will be there. Here is some information about the event.

Jean TV Robber Got Community Service [12/5/2008]
A 16-year-old from Horten was sentenced to community service for robbing the Jean TV store in Horten.

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2009: Various [18/8/2009]

2009: Sale Flyers [20/6/2009]

2009: Jean TV Matix Ledge [20/4/2009]

2009: Jean TV Matix Ledge [20/4/2009]

2009: Jean TV Matix Ledge [20/4/2009]

2009: Jean TV Matix Ledge [20/4/2009]

2009: Jean TV Jam [3/3/2009]

2009: Jean TV Jam [3/3/2009]

2009: Event Flyers [28/2/2009]