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Ramp Service is a Norwegian company making skateparks.

Also known as: Ls Ramp & Tmrer Bedrift AS / LS Ramps / Skaugs Rampservice

Build History:

????: Sjskogen Skole Miniramp
1990: NORB NM Course at Jordal Amfi
1999: Manglerud Miniramp
2000: Jordal Skatepark Vert Ramp
2001: Engebr蚯en Skatepark
2002: Jordal Skatepark Bowl
2002: Fyka Skatepark
2002: Engebr蚯en Skatepark Expansion
2002: Brandbu Skatepark
2003: Stavanger Skatehall
2004: Hemingrampen Miniramp
2004: Oslo Temporary Indoor Park
2005: NORB NM Street Course
2006: Det Gule Huset Miniramp
2008: Marienlyst Miniramp Renovation
2008: Arena Bekkestua Miniramp
2009: Arena Bekkestua Street Course
2009: Jean TV Microramp
2009: Shit Flag Store Oslo
2009: Oslo Live Music Festival Miniramp
2010: Rud Rampland Bowl
2010: Satori Miniramp Oslo
2013: Jordal Skatepark Renovation
2014: Brandbu Skatepark Rebuild
2015: Kr虧stad Skateboardpark New obstacles
2015: Skullerud Skatespark Miniramp Renovation


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NORB NM 2013 Build Progress [31/7/2013]
Here is a clip and some not to stale pictures from the renovation at Jordal Skatepark.

Satori Eco Skate in Oslo Footage [21/7/2010]
Last month Satori arranged a skate jam and best trick contest in Oslo. Here is some footage from the event.

Satori Eco Skate in Oslo [31/5/2010]
A miniramp is being set up and an open skate jam and best trick contest is being arranged in Oslo during the first weekend in June. Here is some information.


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2008: Marienlyst Miniramp: Show Picture
The carpenters fixing the miniramp at Marienlyst in Oslo, Norway.

2008: Marienlyst Miniramp: Show Picture
Phillip and Lutfi unloading new materials by the miniramp at Marienlyst in Oslo, Norway.

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Old Boys NM 2014 Results and Footage [1/7/2014]
Here are results, footage and a short recap of the Norwegian old boys vert and bowl championships held at Jordal Skatepark in Oslo on Go Skateboarding Day.

NORB NM 1990 Results [24/11/2004]
Here are results from the second annual Norwegian skateboard championships, held at Jordal Amfi in Oslo.

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