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Arena Bekkestua is an indoor/outdoor skatepark B誡um, Norway.

Also known as: Bekkestua Skatepark / Bekkestua Skatehall / Skatehallen p Bekkestua / Bekkestua Skate Arena


Gamle Ringeriksvei 55, 1357 Bekkestua, Norway.


The indoor skatepark at Arena Bekkestua opened in 2007.

In 2008 a miniramp was built by Rampservice.

The skatepark was rebuilt in 2009, by Fritjof Krogvold/SkateLogic.

Spotcheck: Arena Bekkestua Indoor September 2011


There has been several events and contest at Arena Bekkestua, including the annual Hst Bust, and the 2011 Norwegian skateboard championships.


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: Indoor skatepark rebuilt.

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Magz and Shaw at Arena Bekkestua Skatepark [11/1/2018]
Magz and Shaw visits the indoor skatepark at Bekkestua in this Blowin Up The Spot clip from Joergen Johannessen

Halloween at Arena Bekkestua 2017 [18/10/2017]
This years Halloween event at Arena Bekkestua is being held 1st November, 2017.

Ruter Offers Free Transfer To Skateboard [30/6/2017]
On 1st July 2017 Ruter is offering free transfer to skateboard at Arena Bekkestua Skatepark.


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2014: Arena Bekkestua
Arena Bekkestua Halloween Contest from Amin Olve Klungseth Ullah
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2013: Arena Bekkestua
Bekkis by Ulrik Andersen with Mats Hatlem, Jeppe karlsrud, リystein Frengstad, Ulrik Andresen, Simen Leholt, Eirik Person, Andre Lund og Marcus Vik.
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2013: Arena Bekkestua
Jomfru skate: Jeppe Karlsrud, Damian Karlsen, Marcus Vik, Andre Lund. Filmet og redigert av Daniel Gihlemoen.
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2017: Event Flyers: Show Picture
Arena Bekkestua Halloween Poster.

2017: Advertisments: Show Picture
Ruter Arena Bekkestua Advertisment.

2016: Event Flyers: Show Picture
Hst Bust Poster

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Arena Hst Bust 2015 Program [11/11/2015]
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Jarls Ungdomsfond Gives Skate Money [26/10/2015]
Isak Ramsvik in Tvedestrand was granted up to 2.000 kr from Jarls Ungdomsfond, to buy a new skateboard.

Arena Hst Bust 2015 Update [9/10/2015]
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2016: Hst Bust [28/11/2016]

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