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Fritjof Krogvold (1971 - )

Fritjof Cornelius Krogvold is a Norwegian skateboarder and skatepark designer.

Also known as: Fritjof Cornelius Krogvold [full name] / Fritjof Krogvoll [wrong spelling] / Fritjof Kroghvold [wrong spelling]



Fritjof Cornelius Krogvold was born 29. April 1971. [1][2]


He started skateboarding in 1985, at the age of 15. [1][2] His stance is goofy.


19?? - 19??: Jean TV Oslo
19?? - ????: Barry Q
???? - ????: Volcom Norway
???? - ????: Vans Norway


Fritjof Krogvoll is a former president of NORB, and has been part of the board for several years.


Fritjof Krogvold has designed several skateparks.

1998: Voldslkka Skatepark
2000: Jordal Skatepark
2001: Rud Rampeland
2002: Fyka Skatepark

In 2004 he started designing skateparks trough the company Skate Logic.


Fritjof Krogvold has worked with Playboard Magazine and Rullebladet.


2006: Brettkontroll


2015: Valkyriegata #003


Fritjof Krogvold has been featured on Norwegian television several times, mostly in relation to skateboarding.


In 2011 Fritjof Krogvold wrote the book Skating: Alt Om Rullebrett. [3]


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2010: Jordal Skatepark
Fritjof Cornelius Krogvoll skating the bowl during the reopening event at Jordal Skatepark in Oslo, Norway.
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2010: Jordal Skatepark
Fritjof Cornelius Krogvoll skating the bowl during the reopening event at Jordal Skatepark in Oslo, Norway.
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2009: JHA California Trip
trip to socal, des 09. fritjof krogvold, jon adler torp, eirin aaseth, jon harald aspheim. part 4. Anaheim.
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2010: Jordal Skatepark: Show Picture
Fritjof Cornelius Krogvoll frontside 5-0 grind on the spine during the opening event at Jordal Skatepark in Oslo, Norway.

2009: リya Skate Tournament: Show Picture
Speaker of the day was Fritjof Krogvold, and with him as judges were Audun Mehl and Lutfi Crona.

2008: Jordal Skatepark: Show Picture
Jordal Skatepark in june. Fritjof Krogvold lip.

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1995: Sjokoladefabrikken Skatehall [4/9/2019]

1995: Sjokoladefabrikken Skatehall [4/9/2019]

2015: Various [12/10/2015]