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Indoor skatepark in Fredrikstad, Norway.

Also known as: Nye Fredrikstad Skatehall / Fredrikstad Skatepark / Fredrikstad Indoor Skatepark


The skatepark consists of wood obstacles on a concrete surface, and the original setup included a street area and a bowl.

Spotcheck: Fredrikstad Indoor Skatepark 2014

The park was updated in 2015.

Spotcheck: Fredrikstad Indoor Skatepark 2015



Tomteveien 21, Fredrikstad, Norway.


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Fredrikstad Junior Best Trick Contest [14/4/2019]
A Junior Best Trick Contest is being held in Fredrikstad on 27th April, 2019.

Fredrikstad V蚌rull 2019 Best Trick Footage [1/4/2019]
Video from the best trick contest.

Fredrikstad V蚌rull 2019 Results and Footage [1/4/2019]
Results and footage from the spring roll contest in Fredrikstad.


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2019: Event Flyers: Show Picture
Fredrikstad Junior Contest Poster

2019: Skatehallen Fredrikstad: Show Picture
V蚌rull Fredrikstad best trick winner Thomas Kristiansen.

2019: Skatehallen Fredrikstad: Show Picture
V蚌rull Fredrikstad Senior podium.

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