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Baker Skateboards (2000 - )

Baker Skateboards is an American skateboarding company.

Also known as:



Baker Skateboards was started in 2000 by Andrew Reynolds and Jay Strickland, with Blitz Distribution as an investment partner.

Andrew Reynolds later bought out Blitz Distribution, but continued to distribute the brand trough them.

In 2011 Baker Skateboards moved to Baker Boys Distribution.


Their main products are skateboard decks and wheels, but they also make clothing and various accesories.

Pro Team:

2011 - xxxx: Shane Heyl
2011 - xxxx: Theotis Beasley
2010 - xxxx: Justin Figueroa
2009 - xxxx: Sammy Baca
2009 - xxxx: Don Nguyen
2005 - 2009: Leo Romero
2003 - xxxx: Kevin Long
xxxx - xxxx: Braydon Szafranski
xxxx - xxxx: Terry Kennedy
xxxx - xxxx: Jeff Lenoce
xxxx - xxxx: Bryan Herman
xxxx - xxxx: Dustin Dollin
2000 - xxxx: Andrew Reynolds

Am Team:

xxxx - xxxx: Dead Baby
xxxx - xxxx: Ryan Ewing
xxxx - 2003: Kevin Long
xxxx - 2011: Shane Heyl
xxxx - 2011: Theotis Beasley
xxxx - 2010: Justin Figueroa
xxxx - 2009: Sammy Baca


2012: Bake and Destroy
2009: Baker Has a Deathwish Summer Tour Video
2008: Baker has a Deathwish
2005: Baker 3
2002: Baker Summer Tour 2001
2000: Baker 2G
1999: Baker Bootleg


2006: 03 - Thrasher King of the Road


2012: Baker Reynolds Beetle
2012: Baker Reynolds Tomahawk
2012: Baker Reynolds Wood Grain
2012: Baker Reynolds Logo ATL
2012: Baker Reynolds Gs Up
2012: Baker Reynolds Cursed
2011: Baker Reynolds Metal Front
2011: Baker Reynolds BBQ
2011: Baker Reynolds Super Jack
xxxx: Baker Reynolds ATL
xxxx: Baker Reynolds AR

2012: Baker The Nuge Gooks of Hazard
2012: Baker The Nuge Psycedelic
2012: Baker The Nuge LSDemon
2012: Baker The Nuge Cursed
2011: Baker The Nuge Vison Quest
2011: Baker The Nuge Last Rock Supper
2011: Baker The Nuge Super Jack

2012: Baker Baca Knees
2012: Baker Baca Vegas
2012: Baker Baca Cursed
2011: Baker Baca Superjack
2011: Baker Baca Prevent This Tragedy
2011: Baker Baca Caveman

xxxx: Baker Stacked Logo Team Deck
xxxx: Baker Baked Logo Team Deck
xxxx: Baker Brand Logo Team Deck

2012: Baker Herman Torque of Art
2012: Baker Herman Bullet Shells
2012: Baker Herman Cursed
2011: Baker Herman Metal Front

2012: Baker Figueroa Newton
2012: Baker Figueroa Mac n Cheese
2012: Baker Figueroa LSDemon
2012: Baker Figueroa Cursed
2012: Baker Figueroa Any Questions
2011: Baker Figueroa Goblin
2011: Baker Figueroa Psycadelic
2011: Baker Figueroa Super Jack


2006: Transworld Skateboarding Awards Video of the Year

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Baker, Deathwish and Val Surf teamed up for an epic demo at Pedlow Skate Park!!!

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Bakre has announced Rowan Zorilla as their latest Certi-fried Pro rider with the release of their latest promo video.

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2012: Skateboard Decks [12/8/2012]

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2012: Skateboard Decks [12/8/2012]

2012: Skateboard Decks [12/8/2012]

2012: Skateboard Decks [12/8/2012]

2012: Skateboard Decks [12/8/2012]

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