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Independent Trucks (1978 - )

Independent Truck Company is an American skateboard company.

Also known as: Independent Truck Company / Indy Trucks / Indy



Independent sells skateboard trucks.


Independent Truck Company was founded in 1978 by Richard Novak, Jay Shiurman, Fausto Vitello and Eric Swenson, trough NHS.

The trucks are manufactured at the Ermico Foundry in San Francisco.


Independent sponsors amateur and professional skateboarders from all over the world.

2011: Kevin Terpening
2011: Elijah Berle
2011: Clint Walker
2009: Leo Romero
2009: Justin Figueroa
2009: Benny Fairfax
2009: Joey Brezinski
2009: Bob Burnquist
2009: Javier Nunez
2005: Chris Haslam
xxxx: Brian Anderson
xxxx: Jake Brown
xxxx: Diego Bucchieri
xxxx: Dustin Dollin
xxxx: Rune Glifberg
xxxx: Shiloh Greathouse
xxxx: Jim Greco
xxxx: Rick Howard
2006: Eric Koston
xxxx: Bucky Lasek
xxxx: Kevin Long
xxxx: Greg Lutzka
xxxx: Chad Muska
xxxx: Steve Nesser
xxxx: Andrew Reynolds
xxxx: Geoff Rowley
xxxx: Ryan Sheckler
xxxx: Brian Sumner
xxxx: Braydon Szafranski
xxxx: Tosh Townend
xxxx: Tony Trujillo
xxxx: Danny Way
xxxx: Rick Blackhart

Norwegian Team:

2011: Herman Stene
xxxx: Gard Hvaara
xxxx: Michael Sommer
xxxx: Kevin B詭kel
xxxx: Didrik Galasso
xxxx: Mats Elvsveen
xxxx: Toggi
xxxx: Henning Braaten
xxxx: Nicholas Hansen
xxxx: Fredrik N誡land
xxxx: Bjrn Terje Gulbransen
xxxx: Thomas Kahlbom
xxxx: August Engmark
xxxx: Frederic Esnault
xxxx: Tom Erik Ryen
xxxx: Adil Dyani
xxxx: Espen Red


2009: Independent 30th Anniversary Europe Tour
2008: Independent 30th Anniversary Tour
2007: Independent Northwest Tour


xxxx: []
2009: Twitter []


The company is based in Santa Cruz, California, United States of America.

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