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Outdoor skatepark in Oslo, Norway.

Also known as: Voldsløkka Skateboard Park / Oslo Skatepark / Voldsløkka DIY Park


Stavangergata 27, Oslo, Norway

Due to lack of funding the park got worn down over the years.


Voldsløkka Skatepark was built in 1998 with money from Oslo Kommune, It consisted of wood obstacles on an asphalt surface, and was one of the largest skateparks in Norway, until it was demolished in 2007.

Spotcheck: Voldsløkka Skatepark May 2007

But the skaters continued to use the park, and various new DIY obstacles were added over time.

Spotcheck: Voldsløkka Skatepark April 2008
Spotcheck: voldsløkka Skatepark July 2008

In 2013 new concrete DIY obstacles were added.

Spotcheck: Voldsløkka Skatepark May 2013 #1
Spotcheck: Voldsløkka Skatepark May 2013 #2


The skatepark has hosted lots of demos, contests and events trough the year, including the Norwegian skateboard championships in 1999.

  • Oldboys Skateboard NM 2011 Results and Footage
  • Oldboys Skateboard NM 2010 Footage and Results
  • Adio Best Line 2010 Oslo Footage and Results
  • Oslo Games 2008 Results and Footage
  • NORB NM 1999 Results and Footage


    2011: Fakko
    2010: Monsoon


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    Viva Voldsløkka 2015 Afterparty+Event Update [5/9/2015]
    The event at Voldsløkka Skatepark has been moved due to rain, but the afterparty is still going down at Oslo Skateshop at 19:00 today.

    Viva Voldsløkka 2015 [28/8/2015]
    One final event is being held at the old Voldsløkka skatepark, Saturday 5. September 2015.

    Jørn Wiggo Nyberg at Voldsløkka Skatepark [5/7/2013]
    Wacky Mag clip of Jørn Wiggo Nyberg filmed in 30 minutes at Voldsløkka Skatepark.


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    2011: Voldsløkka Skatepark
    Voldsløkka april 2011 LouiseMark11
    Play This Video

    1999: Voldsløkka Skatepark
    NM Voldsløkka 1999 by Roy - Norwegian Skateboard Championship 1999 at Voldsøkka
    Play This Video

    2010: Voldsløkka Skatepark
    Mashup from the Norwegian skateboard championships for old boys, at Voldsløkka Skatepark in Oslo, Norway.
    Play This Video


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    2015: Event Flyers: Show Picture
    Viva Voldsløkka Afterparty Poster

    2015: Event Flyers: Show Picture
    Viva Voldsløkka Poster

    2012: Event Flyers: Show Picture
    Voldsløkka Event Flyer 2012.

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    New Voldsløkka Skatepark Gets Vert Ramp [15/11/2015]
    The planned indoor skatepark at Voldsløkka in Oslo will have a vert ramp.

    Jordal Skatepark Renovation [7/5/2010]
    Not long after posting the last spotcheck from Jordal Skatepark, we received the news that the park was being renovated. Here is some information about the update.

    Oslo Bysykkel 2008 [3/11/2008]
    The city bikes are available to anyone who wants to use them, and is the result of a joint venture between Clear Channel Norway AS and Oslo Kommune. The bikes are financed by advertising on the bikes and bike stands.

    Spotcheck: Sinsenkrysset June 2008 [24/6/2008]
    After discovering the slightly tilted walls along the pathway beneath the intersection, we brought our cameras and went up to Sinsenkrysset to try a few wallrides. Here are the pictures and clips from our visit.

    Spotcheck: Voldsløkka Skatepark September 2007 [3/9/2007]
    The first visit to Voldsløkka Skatepark in September was a bit of a disapointment. Ofcourse I already knew that the park was trashed, but it was still sad to see the state of a park that must have been really fun to skate at one point.

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    2013: Voldsløkka Skatepark [5/6/2013]

    2013: Voldsløkka Skatepark [5/6/2013]

    2013: Voldsløkka Skatepark [5/6/2013]

    2013: Voldsløkka Skatepark [5/6/2013]

    2013: Voldsløkka Skatepark [5/6/2013]

    2013: Voldsløkka Skatepark [5/6/2013]

    2013: Voldsløkka Skatepark [10/5/2013]

    2013: Voldsløkka Skatepark [10/5/2013]

    2011: Oldboys NM Voldsløkka [9/10/2011]

    2011: Oldboys NM Voldsløkka [9/10/2011]