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Mike McGill (1964 - )

Mike McGill is an American professional skateboarder.

Also known as:



Mike McGill was born September 2, 1964, in Brooklyn, New York, USA, but moved to Long Island after two years. [1][2]

He moved to Florida with his family at the age of 10. [1]


He started skateboarding in 1975. [2]

His father had forbidden skateboarding, but after moving to Florida Mike McGill started borrowing a skateboard from a girl in his street.

Later, after showing his dad he could skateboard, he got his first skateboard [1], a Metal AMPUL complete with urethane Trickway wheels. [1][2]

His stance is goofy. [2]


Mike McGill is best known for inventing of the McTwist, an inverted 540 degree mute grabbed aerial which he first performed on a wooden half-pipe in Sweden in 1984.


1986: 05 - Chicago Blowout
1986: 01 - NSA #1 Houston Texas


Mike McGill turned pro with Powell Peralta in 1980.

197? - 197?: Skate Wave Skatepark
197? - 197?: Rainbow Wave Skatepark
197? - ????: Powell Peralta

???? - ????: Airspeed footwear and skateboards
???? - xxxx: Powell-Peralta
???? - xxxx: BONES Wheels
???? - xxxx: Bones Bearings
???? - xxxx: Vans
???? - xxxx: McGill Skate Shop
???? - ????: 187


Mike McGill has been featured in several skate videos.

1984: The Bones Brigade Video Show
1985: Future Primitive
1987: The Search For Animal Chin
1988: Public Domain
1988: The Savannah Slamma Video
1988: The Savannah Slamma II Video
1989: Ban This
1991: Eight

He was in the documentary video Rising Son (2006).

He has also been in several Hollywood movies.

1984: Escape from El Diablo
1986: Trashin
1989: Gleaming the Cube [stunt skater for Christian Slater]


Mike McGill has had several signature skateboards.

1984: McGill Skull and Snake
1982: McGill F14


1992 - 1995: Chapter 7 Skateboards
1988 - 1991: McGill Skatepark (carlsbad)
1987 - xxxx: McGills Skate Shop


Skater punks OPM's worldwide hit "Heaven Is A Halfpipe" references Mike McGill's trick skills with the lines "I'm gonna twist out like Mike McGill, I'm gonna twist out cos I've got the skills".

Additionally, the Beastie Boys song "B Boys Makin with the Freak Freak" has a line alluding to McGill "Now let me introduce myself on this cut; I'm AD Rock I'm lit, like a motherfuck; Well I'm brewin' up rhymes like I was usin' a still; I've got an old school flow like Mike McGill"



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1] Mike McGill Juice Interview
2] Mike McGill Powell-Peralta Profile

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