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X Games Norway (2016 - )

X Games Norway is an annual invitional contest.

Also known as: X Games Norge / X Games Oslo



X Games Norway has been arranged annually since 2016. [1][2][3][4]


X Games Norway 2016 was held in Oslo, and included a skateboard street contest at the Skur 13 Skatepark, where the street course was built for the event. [1][5]

Nyjah Huston won the mens contest, while Pamela Rosa won the womens contest. [6]

There were also snowboard and ski contests, with Superpipe at Oslo Winter Park, and big air at Tyen. [1]


X Games Norway 2017 was moved to Hafjell, after being denied funding from Oslo Kommune. [7]

The event featured snowboard, ski and snowmobile contest. [1]


X Games Norway 2018 once again included a skateboard street contest the Skur 13 Skatepark in Oslo. [3]

The mens contest was won by Kelvin Hoefler, while Leticia Bufoni won the womens contest. [8]

There were also snowboard and ski contests held at Fornebu in B誡um. [3]


X Games Norway 2019 is being held at Telenor Arena in B誡um. [4]

The event will feature; Street Skateboard, Big Air Snowboard, Street Bmx, Big Air ski, Moto X and concerts. [4]


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The event is being held at Telenor Arena.


Widereveien 1, 1360 Fornebu, Norway.


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