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Hakadal Skatepark Opening [4/9/2008]
The new outdoor concrete skatepark in Hakadal is set to open next week. Here are some pictures and information.


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2008: Hakadal Skatepark: Show Picture
he new skatepark in Hakadal under constructon.

2008: Hakadal Concrete Park: Show Picture
Plans for the new skatepark in Hakadal, Norway.

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Magnus Bøen at Hakadal Skatepark [16/7/2013]
Magnus Røthe Bøen at Hakadal Skatepark

Sondre Bratt Andl at Hakadal Skateparks [8/10/2012]
Sondre Bratt Andl skates both the skateparks in Hakadal.

Sondre Bratt Andl Kickflip at Hakadal Skatepark [1/10/2012]
Sondre Bratt Andl kickflips a huge gap at Hakadal Skatepark.

NORB NM 2012 Results and Footage [6/8/2012]
Here are all the results from the 2012 Norwegian skateboard championships held at Trikkestallen Skatepark in Trondheim this weekend.

Ten Tricks with Eirik Gillund at Hakadal Skatepark [19/11/2011]
Ten tricks in ten minutes with Eirik Gillund at the skatepark in Hakadal.

Clips From Hakadal Skatepark [19/11/2011]
Some Clips at Hakadal skatepark.

Eirik S Lunde 5 Tricks at Hakadal Skatepark [2/11/2011]
Eirik S Lunde 5 gives you five tricks at the skatepark in Hakadal.

Irieclips Episode 15 Hakadal [21/6/2010]
Iriewood teamrider Geir Myrvang and boss Jesper Olsen went on a chill BBQ session with good friends to a small skatepark in Hakadal, Norway.

Geminids Meteor Shower Tonite [14/12/2007]
Extra high meteor activity is excpected as the earth enters the Geminids tonight. Here is some more information about the meteor shower and activities in the Oslo area.

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