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Paul Rodriguez Jr is an American professional skateboarder.

Also known as: P-Rod [nickname] / Paul Rodriguez III / Paul Rodriguez Jr.


Paul Rodriguez Jr was born on December 31, 1984, in Chatsworth, California, USA.


He started skateboarding at the age of 11, and got his first skateboard as a christmas gift from his father at age 12. His stance is goofy.


2012: 02 - Street League Final Ranking
2008: 02 - X Games Mens Street


Paul Rodriguez Jr turned pro with Girl Skateboards in 2002.

AT&T, Nixon, In-Case, Andale, Fuse Science, Diamond, Markisa Wallets
2012 - xxxx: Brigada Eyewear
2012 - xxxx: Venture Trucks
2010 - xxxx: Grizzly Griptape
2010 - xxxx: Target
2005 - xxxx: Mountain Dew
???? - xxxx: Primitive
2003 - ????: Silver Trucks
???? - xxxx: Plan B Skateboards
???? - xxxx: Nike SB

2001 - ????: Girl Skateboards
???? - ????: CityStars Skateboards
1998 - ????: DNA Skateboards


2002: TransWorld Rookie of the Year


2005: Catalog Shoot
2002: TWS In Bloom
1999: Micro Analysis


2009: Skate 2
2009: Tony Hawk: Ride
2007: Skate
2006: Tony Hawks Project 8
2005: Tony Hawks American Wasteland
2004: Tony Hawks Underground


2011: The School of Skate


2005: Zoom Air Paul Rodriguez III


Paul Rodriguez Jr is the primary owner of the retail store Primitive, located in Los Angeles.

He is also part owner of Markisa and Andale Bearings.


Paul Rodriguez Jr is the son of comedian Paul Rodriguez.


The nickname P-Rod was given to him by by his friends at school after he started skating.


Paul Rodriuez is the son of Mexican stand up comedian and actor Paul Rodriguez Sr, and Jolene Rodriguez.


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