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Transworld Skateboarding (1983 - )

TRANSWORLD SKATEboarding is an American skateboarding magazine, website, and production company owned by Bonnier Corporation.

Also known as: TWS Magazine / Tranworld Skateboarding Magazine



TWS was founded in 1983 by Larry Balma and Peggy Cozens, as an alternative to the sex and drugs and language in Thrasher Magazine.

In 1997 TWS was sold to Time Mirror.

In 2000 TWS became a part of the Time Warner corporation.

In 2007 Bonnier bought Time4 Media, a company that was consisted of a portfolio of eighteen print magazines, including the Transworld group of titles.

TWS Awards:

TWS hosts the annual Transworld Skateboarding Awards.


Transworld Skateboarding has released several full lengt skate videos.

2010: Hallelujah
2004: Show Me The Way
2003: Are You Alright?
2001: Starting Point 3
1999: The Reason
1999: Transmission 7
1999: Feedback
1998: Sixth Sence
1997: Cinematographer
1997: Greatest Hits
1997: Starting Point 1
1996: 4 Wheel Drive


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Transworld Skateboarding Ceases Print [10/3/2019]
After acquiring 14 titles from TEN: Publishings Adventure Sports Network last month, American Media has announced the closing of Transworld Snowboarding, and the cease of the printed edition of Transworld Skateboarding..

TWS Park: Best of 2018 [9/1/2019]
Best of 2018 from Transworld Skatepark.

Marquise Henry and Chad Tim Tim at TWS Skatepark [12/7/2018]
Quise and Tim Tim came down to the TWS park to get a session in. Coupla smooth dudes right here. Check the clips.


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2011: Trailers and Clips
Not Another Transworld Video Trailer.
Play This Video

2010: Trailers and Clips
Hallelujah Bonus Footage
Play This Video

2010: Trailers and Clips
Halleluja Trailer: TransWorld SKATEboarding presents a new film by Jon Holland and Chris Ray starring Ryan Decenzo, Pete Eldridge, Taylor Bingaman, Tyler Bledsoe, and Torey Pudwill. Hallelujah, coming Summer 2010.
Play This Video


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2012: Magazines: Show Picture
Transworld Skateboarding October 2012 Cover.

Go Fish:

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Ryan Lay Transworld Interview [20/7/2018]
TWS talked to Ryan Lay about the Skate After School program he co-founded with Timothy Ward and Bobby Green.

Caswell Berry TWS Video Part [2/11/2017]
An all new video part from Caswell Berry!

Brooklyn Banks Update [15/4/2017]
Lately skaters have been sneaking in and skating the Banks again, but police have been kicking skaters out every day since is not officially opened yet.

Windsor James on Supra [30/1/2017]
Supra has welcomed Windsor James to the team.

New Balance Numeric Rooks Of Hazzard [27/1/2017]
The New Balance Numeric team try to survive their rookie moves in the Southeast.

Leticia Bufoni TWS Interview [13/1/2017]
Transworld Skateboarding talked to Brazilian skateboarder Leticia Bufoni.

The Best of Skateboarding in 2016 [8/1/2017]
Here is a collection of the best of 2016 skateboarding videos.

Habitat Copensinkin 2016 Tour Video [8/1/2017]
Deciding to skip the annual Oregon camping trip, the Habitat Skateboards team decided to jet over to Scandinavia.

Origins of the Japan Air [16/12/2016]
Transworld tracks the origins of the Japan Air with Tony Hawk.

RIP Dylan Rieder [14/10/2016]
October 12th, 2016, surrounded by family and friends, Dylan Joseph Rieder passed away due to complications from leukemia.

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2006: Advertisments [18/10/2014]

2005: Advertisments [18/10/2014]

2005: Advertisments [18/10/2014]

2004: Advertisments [18/10/2014]

2004: Advertisments [18/10/2014]

2003: Advertisments [18/10/2014]

2003: Advertisments [18/10/2014]

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2001: Advertisments [18/10/2014]