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JustSynch is a small application that synchronises the users client pc against the Justme website with the click off a button.

Also known as:


The JustSynch project has been put on hold due to lack of time. Check back for updates..


  • Update Outlook contactlist. [build 0.0.4]
  • Update Outlook calendar [build 0.3.0]
  • Update Ie favorites. [pending]
  • Recide in Tray [0.2.0]
  • Check for new PMs [0.1.0]
  • Check for new Friends [0.1.0]
  • Check for subscribed group updates [pending]
  • Download contacts and itemlists as CSV files [pending]

    Support [tutorial]

    The info post covers many frequently asked questions. If you still have problems, questions or suggesions, you can get more help by posting your questions in the forum.


    You can read the changelog for the application here.

    Justme [info] is a private norwegian based, invite only, social networking website.

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    JustSynch 0.3.15: Show Picture
    Synch menu of version 0.3.

    JustSynch 0.3.15: Show Picture
    Synchronising contacts.

    JustSynch 0.2.0: Show Picture
    Taskbar bubble of version 0.2.0

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