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Invert is a skateboarding trick where the skater grabs his board and plants a hand on the coping so that they are balancing upside down on the lip of the ramp.

Also known as: Frontside Invert / Backside Invert / Inverts / Handplants


A regular invert is performed backside, with the leading hand grabbing the board behind the front foot, and the trailing hand on the coping.


Variations of the invert come from where the board is grabbed and how the legs are arranged. Below are some examples.

Andrecht Invert
Egg Plant
Fall Guy Invert
Gymnasat Plant
Miller Flip
One Foot Invert
Sad Plant
Stelmasky Plant

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2013: NORB NM Senior Vert Final: Show Picture
Kyrre Riksen invert during the vert final of the Norwegian skateboard championship in Oslo.

2013: NORB NM Senior Vert Qualification: Show Picture
Kyrre Riksen invert during the senior vert qualification of the Norwegian skateboard championships in Oslo.

2009: Vert NM Kvalik: Show Picture
Kyrre Riksen handplant at Strmmen Skatepark during the qualification for the Norwegian vert championships.

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Animal Chin 30 Years: The Full Story [29/10/2016]
Its been 30 years since the original members of the Bones Brigade裕ony Hawk, Steve Caballero, Lance Mountain, Mike McGill, Tommy Guerrero揚athered at the Chin Ramp. This piece includes interviews with the team, Chin Ramp builder Tim Payne, and photographer Grant Brittain, alongside several well-known pro skaters who were hugely influenced by the climactic scene in The Search for Animal Chin.

Animal Chin 30 Years: Building The Chin Ramp [28/10/2016]
With Powell Peraltas film The Search For Animal Chin, it was the Chin ramp that stole the show. The ramp was unfathomable in size and featured large extensions, larger channels, a mini ramp on its deck, a vert spine, and a tunnel. After Tim Payne built it, the Bones Brigade had just three days to skate it before it was gone forever. Now, 30 years later, we hear from Payne and the Brigade about their personal experiences with the ramp and the amazing times they had together skating and shooting for this iconic film.

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2016: Melafestivalen [21/8/2016]

2014: Old Boys NM Vert [23/6/2014]

2014: Old Boys NM Vert [23/6/2014]

2014: Old Boys NM Vert [23/6/2014]

2009: Nstedhallen [1/4/2009]

2008: Marienlyst Miniramp [30/7/2008]

2008: Vert NM Qualification [4/6/2008]

2007: Fl蚯elkka Skatepark [20/2/2008]