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The Quart Festival is a yearly rock/pop/rap festival that takes place in Kristiansand, Norway in the beginning of July.

Also known as:


Tlf: +47 38 14 69 69
Fax: +47 38 14 69 68


Quart Festivalen
Boks 260
4663 Kristiansand

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Quart Games Moves To Oslo [20/6/2008]
The first norwegian pro skateboarding contest is being ressurected in Oslo, and the new Oslo Games will be held in combination with the Oslo Live music festival in july.

Quart Festival 2008 Cancelled [7/6/2008]
The Quart festival in Kristiansand has announced that this years festival is cancelled, and that they are bankrupt. The cancellation also means that QuartGames, that was to be the first pro skateboard contest in Norway, gets cancelled.

NORB Tour 2001 [24/6/2001]
Here is the schedule and riders list for the third annual NORB Tour.


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Quart Festilval 2006 Higlights
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Immortal - Damned in Black [quart 2003 nrk clip]
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Tool - Live at Quart 2006 [highlights clip]
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2007: Event Flyers: Show Picture
Quart Festival 2007 Poster.

Quart Festival: 1999 - Skunk Anansie: Show Picture

Quart Festival: 1999 - Skunk Anansie: Show Picture

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Oslo Games 2009 Dates [24/3/2009]
Tacky has just announced that this years Oslo Games is set to be held 15-16 August. Here is some information.

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2007: Event Flyers [25/3/2008]