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Jimmy Wilkins is an American skateboarder.

Also known as:


Jimmy Wilkins is from Columbus, Ohio, USA.


His stance is regular.


2017: 01 - Vert Attack Pro


Green Issue Skateboards, Vox (flow)

Rockstar Energy, Creature, Sketeton Key, Lakai, Thunder Trucks, OJ Wheels, Protec

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Tour Footage: Monster x Thrasher in Bali [20/7/2018]
This is Austin Novys cut from the recent Thrasher magazine X Monster Energy trip to Bali.

X Games 2018 Minneapolis Jimmy Wilkins Footage [20/7/2018]
Jimmy Wilkins wins the gold medal in Skateboard Vert at X Games Minneapolis 2018.

X Games 2018 Minneapolis Vert Warm Up Footage [20/7/2018]
Vert Warm Up with Mitchie Brusco and Jimmy Wilkins X Games Minneapolis 2018


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2014: Advertisments
Creature Presents: Jimmy Wilkins
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2015: Welcome Videos
Yuri Facchinis Welcome to Almost
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2015: Various
Whats better than a backyard ramp sesh?... Jimmy Wilkins and the Creach Coast Vertcation crew attack Phishlips Ramp, and conjure up some serious U-Pipe manipulation. Wilkins, Russell, Scizzors, and Navs are not to be reckoned with.
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2018: Advertisment: Show Picture
Creature Ad

Go Fish:

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X Games 2018 Minneapolis Results and Footage [23/7/2018]
X Games 2018 Minneapolis Results and Footage

X Games 2018 Minneapolis Riderslist [6/6/2018]
X Games 2018 Minneapolist Riderslist.

Full Video: The Creature Video [24/2/2018]
Creature Skateboards Proudly Present, The Creature Video.

Austin Novys Tjme Skate Galla Video [12/8/2017]
Austin Novy has an edit from their trip to Norway to skate the Tjme Skate Galla contest.

Creature at Lehi Skatepark [28/7/2017]
The Crew makes it to Utah and takes some rips at the Lehi Park. The Creature Video Tour Video coming sooooon.

X Games 2017 Minneapolis Results and Footage [18/7/2017]
Here are results and footage from skateboard contests at X Games Minneapolis.

Magnified: Jimmy Wilkins and Jason Jessee [19/5/2017]
Jason whips up an invert to fakie while Jimmy skies over stale. Backyard Boogie!

Vert Attack 2017 Pixels Pro Tec Footage [15/4/2017]
The Pro-Tec riders went in during the open session last night!

Pro-Tec Zeuners Ramp Sessions [26/2/2017]
Pro-Tec rounded up 5 of their riders that span 4 different generations of skateboarding for a session in at the Zeuner residence in Encinitas, and the result is pretty inspiring.

Bones Wheels Tribute to Animal Chin [17/2/2017]
The Bones Wheels team pay tribute to 30 Years of Animal Chin.

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