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Forget About It (2005 - )

Forget About It is a Norwegian skatevideo.

Also known as:



Full parts with Tom Erik Ryen, Samuel Jensen, Frederic Esnault, Magnus Eriksen, Aleksander Knutsen, リyvind Nissen.

Also featuring; Henning Braaten, Kim Andreas Ottermo, Johakim Bjelland, Florentin Marfaing, Thibaud Fardin, Batiste Myzor, Tom Bratrud, Sefan Melsom, Kim Larsen, Isak Sandling, Thomas Khalbom and Daniel リynes.


Made by Frederic Esnault 2004 and 2005.

Filmed by; Frederic Esnault, Jrgen リstby Johannessen, Aleksander Knudsen, リystein Kvanneid, Samuel Jensen, Tom Bratrud, Marius Lysholmen, Isak Sandling.

Cover art by リystein Kvanneid.

DVD edit by リystein Kvanneid.

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