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Black Label is a skateboarding company, based in Costa Mesa, California.

Also known as:


Black Label Skateboards founded in 1988 by longtime professional skateboarder and skateboard graphic artist John Lucero.

Pro Team:

2010: Peter Watkins
2009: Chris Troy
Omar Hassan
Adam Alfaro

Am Team:

2011: Javan Campello
Peter Raffin
Vince Del Valle
Tyler Mumma
???? - 2010: Peter Watkins
???? - 2009: Chris Troy
2009 - ????: Ben Skrzypek
2009 - ????: Ethan Fitzpatrick

Legends Team:

Label Legends is a the Black Label division of veteran pros who were previously on Black Labels main roster

???? - xxxx: Matt Hensley
???? - xxxx: Salman Agah
???? - xxxx: Wade Speyer
2007 - ????: Jason Adams

Emergency Team:

Emergency is a division featuring legendary pros, with boards designed around the shapes of previous skateboard generations, as well as modern shapes in larger sizes. It was originally called Red Cross.

Mike Smith
Riky Barnes
John Lucero
Eric Nash
Jimmy "The Greek" Marcus

Steve Olson
Christian Hosoi
Neil Blender
Alex Horn
Jeff Grosso
Duane Peters

Unsorted Team:

???? - 2006: Kristian Svitak
???? - 2006: Jim Gagne
???? - 2006: Ben Gilley
???? - 2006: Jhovani Vidal
???? - 2006: John Ponts
2005 - ????: Matt Mumford


2009: God Save the Label
2006: Back in Black
2003: Blackout
2003: Label Live
2001: Label Kills


2007: 03 - Thrasher King of the Road


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Black Label Skateboards would like to announce The Blender Series featuring original art by Neil Blender. The series includes boards from legendary skaters Omar Hassan, Matt Hensley, Salman Agah, and Wade Speyer on custom shapes! Get Hot! Get Label!
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