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Bodψ is a city in Nordland, Norway.

Also known as:



The city lies just north of the Arctic Circle.


See the spotguide for an overview of skateparks and skatespots in Bodψ.


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The Bodψ skaters can celebrate [15/12/2018]
Gets a new park costing 15 million kroners!

Bodψ Girl Skate Camp 2018 Footage [16/10/2018]
Here is a video from this years Girl Skate Camp in Bodψ.

Sindre Sandvin Avisa Nordland Interview [6/6/2018]
Avisa Nordland talked to Sindre Sandvin about teaching the only Norwegian elective skateboarding class in Bodψ.


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2009: Bodψ
good times in Bodψ
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2007: Bergen Skate Sand Hall
Som bmxers and mountainbikers @ local skatepark 27. january.
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2015: Event Flyers: Show Picture
Bodψ Rock and Skate poster

2014: Event Flyers: Show Picture
Bodkar Open 2014 Poster

2013: Event Flyers: Show Picture
Bodkar Open 2013

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Betongpark Builds Skatepark In Bodψ [4/10/2019]
Here is a short clip from the dudes building a concrete park above the arctic circle.

New Bodψ Skatepark Design [4/7/2019]
Here are the plans for the new skatepark in Bodψ.

NORB NM 2018 Street Final Results [20/8/2018]
NORB NM 2018 Street Results

Gets 15 million for new facility in Bodψ [1/12/2017]
In their proposal for the financial plan for the next four years, Ap, Sp, MDG, SV and Rψdt in Bodψ have allocated NOK 15 million..

Skateboarders Celebrate 17th May [17/5/2017]
Norwegian skateboarders all over the country are partisipating in the parade for the Norwegian Constitution Day.

17 May Skate 2016 [17/5/2016]
Norwegian Constitution Day is the National Day of Norway and several skateboard assosiations are partisipating in the parades and hosting events around the country.

Bodkar Open 2015 Footage [16/8/2015]
Here is some footage from this years Bodkar Open in Bodψ.

Bodkar Open 2015 Results [2/6/2015]
Here are results from this years Bodkar Open in Bodψ.

50-50 Bodψ Nominated For Award [6/2/2014]
50-50 in Bodψ is one of the finalists for the citys service award.

NORB NM 2013 Junior Street Qualifications [26/3/2013]
Here is some information about the junior street qualifications for this years Norwegian skateboard championships.

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2019: Nye Bodψ Skatepark [4/7/2019]

2018: Fjψlhangaren [24/2/2018]

2016: Various [17/5/2017]

2017: Loyal Skateshop [8/4/2017]

2012: Fjψlhangaren [2/9/2012]

2009: Rensεsen Skatepark [22/9/2011]