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Tour video from Independent Trucks.

Also known as:

Indy team in Austalia.

Leo Romero, Black Carpenter, Jesse Noonanh,Jackson Pilz, Kevin B詭kel, Alex Lawten, Sam Atkins and Ryan Townley.

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Tour Footage: No Meat Pies, No Glory [11/8/2018]
Independent Trucks Team in OZ.

Full Video: No Meat Pies, No Glory! [10/7/2018]
Independent sent a stacked roster down to OZ for an all-out spot blitz. This edit is chock full of hammers from start to finish. HEAVY.

No Meat Pies No Glory Norway Premier [6/7/2018]
The Indy in Australia tour video No Meat Pies No Glory is being shown at Smelteverket in Oslo on Sunday 8th July, 2018.


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2018: Event Flyers: Show Picture

Go Fish:

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No Meat Pies No Glory 2018 Melbourne Demo Footage [26/7/2018]
The No Meat Pies, No Glory squad turns up down under in Melbourne!

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