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Felipe Nunes Ride Interview [2/9/2018]
Tony Hawk caught up with Felipe Nunes on his first trip to California to discuss losing his legs, discovering skateboarding, and what motivates him.

Felipe Nunes at Tony Hawks Skatepark [6/8/2018]
Felipe Nunes Skates Tony Hawks Vert Ramp.


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Tony Hawks Loop Challenge Live [26/8/2018]
Tony Hawks Loop Challenge is being shown live on NextVR.

Felipe Nunes Road to Tampa Am 2017 [28/2/2018]
Felipe Nunes Road to Tampa Am 2017

Tampa Am 2017 Semi-Final Results [16/11/2017]
Tampa Am 2017 semi final results.

Tampa Am 2017 Practice Ride Footage [10/11/2017]
Skaters from 20+ countries are on the annual pilgrimage to the Skatepark of Tampa for Tampa Am, now in its 24th year. And with 100 kids on the course at a time, all trying to dial in their hardest tricks, theres only one place to see it all up close and in HD, and that痴 right here, on SPoT Life.

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