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Garvanza Skatepark is a skatepark in Los Angeles, California.

Also known as: Los Angeles Skatepark

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Blow n Up The Spot Garvanza Skatepark Episode [24/5/2018]
Indy Riders Maurio McCoy and Nate Greenwood put the G in G-Park! Heres a few hot laps around the Garvanza to get you psyched to go rip with your homies... These dudes are smooth!

Erick Winkowski at Garvanza Skatepark [11/3/2018]
Erick Winkowski at Garvanzas deep bowl? You know thats gonna be good. Check 8ballr take the afternoon to absolutely destroy the Garvanza skatepark.

Baker Holiday Demo 2017 Footage [22/12/2017]
Baker Boys Annual Holiday Demo Giveaway At Garvanza Skate Park.

Tom Remillard at Garvanza Skatepark [20/7/2017]
Let TWS Video Alumnus Tom Remillard loose in a skatepark and hes gonna kill it. A few clips of Eric Dressen never hurt a damn thing either.