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Jaakko Ojanen is a Finnish skateboarder.

Also known as:

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Team Update: Elements Jaakko and Friends Full Part [1/5/2019]
Nobody on the planet skates like this dude. He operates on his own mind-melting wavelength. Talk about PRO AF!! Congrats, Jaakko!

Jaakko Ojanen Am Scramble Rough Cut + Interview [16/2/2019]
Jaako surveys the skateboarding landscape with a special set of optics, uncovering lines most of us would never see. This dude is something special.

Jaakko Ojanen Free Interview [8/11/2018]
Jaakko Ojanen Free Interview

Behind the Scenes of Jaakko Ojanens White Desert [7/10/2018]
Join Jaakko Ojanen and friends as they skate the White Desert project in Bolivia.

Pusher Bearings The First Lap 2017 Tour Footage [11/4/2017]
Pusher Bearings team go on their first tour, 5 days of skate and fun through Split, Croatia.