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Duscetti Skateboards is a Norwegian skateboard company.

Also known as:

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Worlds Coolest Day with Duscetti [30/8/2019]
Adil Dyani is bringing some of the best skaters in the country to the worlds coolest day.

Team Update: Duscetti Welcomes Mats Flindrum [1/6/2019]
Duscetti has welcomed Mats Flindrum to the team.

Team Update: Even Vatn on Duscetti [7/8/2016]
Duscetti Skateboards has welcomed Even Vatn to the team.

Team Update: Duscetti Pro Anders Wenngren [2/8/2016]
Duscetti Skateboards has bumped Anders Wenngren up to the pro ranks.

Team Update: Andre Bhlin on Duscetti [23/5/2014]
Duscetti Skateboards has welcomed Andre Bhlin to the amature team.

Team Update: Jay-Tee with Duscetti [31/3/2014]
Duscetti skateboards has welcomed Jan-Thore Nilsen to the flow team.

New Boards From Duscetti [31/8/2013]
Duscetti has released two new Adil Dyani signature skateboard decks.

Duscetti Board and Team Updates [11/4/2012]
Duscetti Skateboards has got their first board model, and added a few new heads to the team. Here are the updates and a clip.

Nstedhallen Skate Camp October 2011 [27/10/2011]
Another skate camp is being held at Nstedhallen this month with Adil Dyani and the Duscetti team. Here is some information.

Team Update: Duscetti Annonces Lineup [24/9/2011]
The new Norwegian company Duscetti Skateboards has announced its team lineup. Here is the information.