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Skatepark in Amman, Jordan.

Also known as: Amman Skatepark

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Refugee children learn skate at 7Hills Skatepark [11/6/2018]
Thanks to 7Hills Skatepark, refugee children in Jordan learn skateboard and meet new friends.

Skatepark puts smile on faces of refugee kids [7/3/2018]
Refugee children from places countries such as Somalia, Syria or Iraq learn to skateboard in Amman where volunteers give free lessons.

7Hills Skatepark Expansion [11/7/2017]
The 7Hills Skatepark in Jordan is collecting money to expand the park.

7Hills Skatepark HK01 Feature [26/4/2017]
HK01 has an article about the 7Hills Skatepark.

Skatepark Builds Connections In Jordan [3/12/2016]
Jordans first skate park is building human connections between Jordanian youth and young refugees.

Jordan Got First Skateboard Park [22/1/2015]
Make Life Skate Life crowdfunded $20,000 and rallied voulenteers from all over the world to build the first skatepark in Jordan.