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Sebo Walker is an American skateboarder.

Also known as:

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Team Update: Simon Jensen on Krooked Full Part [15/4/2019]
Pair up Simons effortless style with the smooth sounds of Gil Scott-Heron and you have a video part thats refreshing for the ears and easy on the eyes.

Full Part: Sebo Walker 8 Days [9/1/2019]
In a world of tech wizards, Sebo is a board-control warlock. Heres a loose, fun edit of Sebo stomping makes in the harsh NYC streets.

Interests: Sebo Walker [15/2/2018]
Push through Venice Beach, California with Sebo Walker in this new episode of Interests. Sebo fills a lot of his free time with his griptape paintpen art and its evolution into murals. Hear his inspirations and get a peek at his work.

Sebo Walker Sidewalk Interview [29/11/2017]
Walker Ryan talked to Sebo Walker in this interview for Sidewalk Magazine.

Sebo Walker Krooked Pro Video [21/1/2016]
Krooked Skateboard has put out a Sebo Walker pro welcome video.

Krooked Pro Sebo Walker [12/1/2016]
Sebo Walker has turned pro with Krooked Skateboards.

Team Update: Nature Hardware [19/12/2011]
Nature Hardware has added Andrew Cannon And Sebo Walker to the team. Here is some information on the involved parties.

Sebo Walker on Autobahn [2/5/2011]
Autobahn Wheels has welcomed Sebo Walker to their am team. Here is the clip

Stacks Welcomes Sebo Walker [2/8/2010]
Stacks has welcomed Sebo Walker to the team. Here is the welcome video.