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All Girls Skate Contest

Also known as: Exposure

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Exposure Skate 2018 Footage #2 [12/12/2018]
The worlds biggest womens skateboarding event, Exposure, brought 154 female skaters from all over the world together to skate Pro and Am contests in vert, bowl and street. The event served as a benefit for a local domestic violence shelter.

Exposure Skate 2018 Footage [9/11/2018]
Exposure Skate 2018 Video Recap

Exposure Skate 2018 Results and Footage [9/11/2018]
Exposure Skate 2018 results and footage.

Exposure 2017 Ride Footage [22/12/2017]
Exposure 2017 was the biggest womens skateboarding event in history with 166 female skaters who traveled from 15 countries to skate in vert, bowl and street events. The event raised $10,000 for survivors of domestic violence.

Exposure Skate 2017 Results and Footage [12/11/2017]
Here are the results from the sixth annual Exposure Skate contest.

Exposure Skate 2017 Livestream Footage [11/11/2017]
Check out the livestream from the Exposure all girls skate contest.

Exposure Skate 2016 Results and Footage [11/11/2016]
Here are results and footage from the Exposure Skate 2016 all girls contest.

Exposure 2016 [7/3/2016]
This years Exposure contest is being held 5 November 2016 at Encinitas Community Park, California.

Exposure 2015 Results and Footage [12/11/2015]
Results and footage from the Exposure All Girls Skate Contest was held at Poods Park in Encinitas recently.