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Kevin Braun Thrasher Interview [12/3/2019]
Kevin Braun Thrasher Interview

Commercial: Kevin Braun For Santa Cruz Everslick [5/3/2019]
Kevin Braun Slides Around 3rd And Army on Everslick

Kevin Braun Thrasher Interview [28/11/2018]
Kevin Braun Thrasher Interview

The Best Of Kevin Braun 2016-2018 [9/11/2018]
Here is some of the best skateboarding Santa Cruz has released of Kevin Braun since joining the SC squad. Sit back and enjoy nearly 10 minutes of mind blowing awesome-ness from our newest Santa Cruz Skateboards Pro! Yeah Braun!!!

Team Update: Kevin Brauns Tempe Halloween [4/11/2018]
Santa Cruz got the crew together in costume to do more than just attend one of skateboardings raddest events.

Kevin Braun Lunch Date Interview [30/1/2017]
Enjoy a delicious burrito with Kevin Braun before he rips the newest park in the Santa Cruz area in this new segment on the Santa Cruz Youtube Channel.

Video Part: Kevin Braun in Right To Exist [5/1/2017]
Kevin Braun full part from the newest Santa Cruz video Right To Exist.