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Rippit Flowbowl is an indoor skatepark in Buskerud, Norway.

Also known as: Kongsberg Actionsportsenter / Heistadmoen Skatepark / Heistadmoen Indoor Skatepark / Kongsberg Skatepark / Kongsberg Indoor Skatepark / Kongsberg Skatehall / Heistadmoen Skatehall / Skollenborg Skatehall / Skollenborg Skatepark

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The History of Rippit Skateboarding [12/7/2019]
Kongsberg Sidelengs recounts the history of the indoor skateparks in Kongsberg in this video.

Olav Thygesen at Heistadmoen Skatepark [3/6/2019]
One hour session with Olav Thygesen at Heistadmoen skatepark.

Session at Rippit Skatepark [1/4/2019]
Session at Rippit Action Sport Center at Heistadmoen.

Rippit Adult Skate Camp [19/8/2017]
A skate gathering for adults is being held at Rippit Skatepark 2-3 September, 2017.

Wold Stars Visited Heistadmoen [5/7/2017]
Heard about Clay Kreiner? He is one of the worlds best athletes on skateboard.

Rippit Skate Camp 2017 [26/5/2017]
The Rippit Skate Camp is being held May 26 May 28, 2017.

Spotcheck: Rippit Actionsportcenter Flowbowl [6/5/2017]
Betongpark has put the finish on the new flowbowl at Rippit. Here are some pictures.

Olav Thygesen Test Run at Rippit Skatepark [6/5/2017]
Olav Thygesen tries out the new flowbowl at Rippit Action Sports Center.

New Rippit Skatepark Completed [16/4/2017]
Jarle Grimsland has finished the new indoor skatepark at Heistadmoen.

Rippit Flowbowl Official Opening [11/4/2017]
The new flowbowl at Rippit Actionsportsenter is being officially opened 6th May 2017.

This park will change BMX as we know it [8/3/2017]
This is where some of the futures Olympic heroes will get the foundation to get good.

Tom Vesthaug In The Unfinished Rippit Skatepark [5/3/2017]
Tom Vesthaug tries out the unfinished skatepark at Rippit Actionsportsenter.

Rippit Gets New Skatpark [11/2/2017]
The Rippit indoor skatepark in Kongsberg is getting an new 800 square meter indoor skatepark next door to the old one.