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The United Kingdom is a sovereign state in Europe.

Also known as: The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (full name) / UK / Britain

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SLS WC 2019 Brazil Global Open Qualifier Results [10/1/2019]
Results from the Street League Skateboarding Brazil Global Open Qualifier.

Olympic Skateboard Format and Qualifications [23/12/2018]
Here is some information on the skateboarding format in the Olympic Games, and how to qualify for the 2020 skateboard olympics.

SLS 2018 London Womens Final Footage [23/12/2018]
Full video

NASS 2019 [23/12/2018]
Nass Festival is being held 11-14 July, 2019.

Full Video: Wetlands [7/10/2018]
Thrasher videographer and HB loc, Matt Bublitz, whipped up a new edit where he co-stars alongside some of his best friends. Lets enjoy the fruits of his labor both on the board AND behind the lens.

European Skateboard Championships 2018 [24/8/2018]
The ice age is over! The European skateboard scene goes back to Basel for the 2018 edition of ESC, being held Aug 31 - Sep 2, 2018.

Urbjam 2018 Footage [15/8/2018]
The Urbside crew and Hell Yeah son organised the Urbjam 2018.

SB Splash 2018 Footage [1/8/2018]
Long Live Southbank x Brixtons Baddest summer jam.

Mark Suciu Route One Interview Part 1 [26/7/2018]
Back in May Route One caught up with one of our favourite interviewees to date, adidas and Habitat Skateboards pro Mark Suciu.

Tour Footage: Monster x Thrasher in Bali [20/7/2018]
This is Austin Novys cut from the recent Thrasher magazine X Monster Energy trip to Bali.

Tour Footage: One Star World Tour 2018 [19/7/2018]
The Converse Cons One Star Pro is back on the road in 2018! With a Worldly Crew of skaters, and 16 days on the road in front of them, the One Star pushed its way through Texas, Louisiana, Georgia, England and France!

Tour Footage: Birdhouse Euro Tour 2018 [17/7/2018]
Over the summer, Birdhouse hit the road with the team across Europe, hitting up the UK, France, Netherlands and Germany!

Vans TNT Advanced Prototype Launch Party Footage [14/7/2018]
On the 6th of July, House of Vans London welcomed Vans skate legend Tony Trujillo to celebrate the global launch of the his new signature shoe, the TNT Advanced Prototype. For the occasion, they time travelled back to the 80s with a launch ramp jam where the crme of European skateboarding battled it out to the last trick for a chance to grab a slice of the 1000 prize money.

NASS 2018 Best Trick Footage [14/7/2018]
NASS 2018 best trick in association with Silverline Tools

NASS 2018 Invitatinal Park Final Footage [14/7/2018]
Here you have it. The NASS 2018 skate invitational finals. This went off!

NASS 2018 Vert Final Footage [14/7/2018]
Highlights from the Skate Vert Final.

NASS 2018 Invitational Park Qualifiers Footage [14/7/2018]
This is where things get very serious... Here are some of the best highlights from the Invitational skate qualifiers!

Andrew Reynolds NASS Interview [14/7/2018]
Legendary pro skater Andrew Reynolds and his daughter Stella. Andrew talks about why hes here and the importance of skaters sticking together.

NASS 2018 Vert Qualifiers Footage [14/7/2018]
Vert action from the Skate Qualifiers.

NASS 2018 Golden Rail Jam #2 Footage [14/7/2018]
Highlights from the 2nd rail jam on Saturday at NASS 2018.

NASS 2018 Golden Rail Jam Footage [14/7/2018]
Cash-money for the best tricks during the Golden Rail Jam presented by Old Blue Last Beer

NASS 2018 GSUK Skate Mini Ramp Footage [14/7/2018]
All the highlights from the mini ramp jam at NASS 2018.

NASS 2018 Andrew Reynolds Pro Park course preview [14/7/2018]
NASS gave Andrew Reynolds and his daughter Stella a couple of go pros to explore the brand new 2018 pro park ahead of the competitions.

NASS 2018 Pro Park Build [14/7/2018]
Watch as the Four One Four Crew built the Pro Park Course in just under 5 days!

Lucy Adams NASS Interview [14/7/2018]
Catch up with Lucy Adams at NASS 2018.

NASS 2018 Ring Of Fire Footage [14/7/2018]
Here are the highlights from the legendary Ring Of Fire, a spectacle that takes place every year at NASS Festival. Not to be missed.

NASS 2018 Women Park Open Footage [14/7/2018]
NASS 2018 Womens open skate competition highlights.

NASS 2018 Results and Footage [14/7/2018]
NASS 2018 Results and Footage

Danny Leon at NASS 2018 [13/7/2018]
atch up with 4 x champion Danny Leon at NASS 2018 ahead of him competing in the Street contest.

Tour Footage: Massif Primitive Skate in London [12/7/2018]
The Primitive Skate guys spent less than a week in the UK and came back Massif.

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