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The Kingdom of Norway is a country and constitutional monarchy in Northern Europe.

Also known as: Norge [bokml] / Noreg [nynorsk] / The Kingdom of Norway [offficial english]

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Tour Footage: Nike SBs I-58 Tour [31/12/2017]
There are some big names on this road trip but they keep it core by hitting skateshops, raw streets, and old school demos. These guys are incredible.

Self-Organised Sports Gets Resource Center [30/12/2017]
Landsforeningen Ungdom og Fritid and Oslo Skateboardforening have been tasked with establishing and operating a resource center for self-organized sports in Norway.

Wants Roof Over Stjrdal Skatepark [30/12/2017]
Stjrdal Skateboardforening are looking into getting a roof over the skatepark.

All Terrain Ripper 2017 Street Footage [27/12/2017]
Arne Jrgen Enggrav has made this edit from the All Terrain Ripper street contest at Oslo Skatehall.

Spotcheck: Haukerd Skatepark 2017 [27/12/2017]
Here is a picture of the pre-fab skatepark at Haukerd Skole in Sandefjord.

Opplev Oslo Skatehall [23/12/2017]
#opplevoslo presents the indoor skatepark in Oslo, Norway.

Spotcheck: Solenklar Skatepark December 2017 [23/12/2017]
The leader of Vestby SSB visited the new skatepark in Mandal. Here are some pictures.

Lillehammer Completes Indoor Skatepark [23/12/2017]
The new indoor skatepark in Lillehammer has been completed in time for the Xmas Jam.

New Micro at Grenland Indoor Skatepark [23/12/2017]
Grenland Skateboardklubb has added a microramp to the indoor skatepark in Skien.

Soleklar Skatepark Has Been Completed [23/12/2017]
Landskapsentrepenrene has completed the new Soleklar Skatepark in Mandal.

Nordmarka Best Trick at Oslo Skatehall [23/12/2017]
Nordmarka Vrterl and Karsten Kleppa invites to a best trick contest at Oslo Skatehall on January 6th, 2018.

Dampsaga Xmas Jam 2017 [23/12/2017]
Dampsaga Skatehall invites to a christmas jam on 26th December, 2017.

Oslo Skatehall 1 Year Anniversary [23/12/2017]
The indoor skatepark in Oslo celebrates one year on Saturday 13th January, 2018.

Torshovrampen Edit [22/12/2017]
Amin Olve Klungseth Ullah made this edit from Torshovrampen in Oslo.

Trikkestallen Xmas Jam 2017 Bowl Footage [22/12/2017]
Footage from the bowl jam at this years Trikkestallen Xmas Jam in Trondheim.

Trikkestallen Xmas Jam 2017 SnB Footage [22/12/2017]
Slammers and Bangers from this years Trikkestallen Xmas Jam in Trondheim.

All Terrain Ripper 2017 Bowl Footage [19/12/2017]
Arne Jrgen Enggrav gives you this edit from the All Terrain Ripper bowl contest at Oslo Skatehall.

Trikkestallen Xmas Jam 2017 Footage [19/12/2017]
Here are some footage from the Xmas Jam contest in Trondheim.

All Terrain Ripper 2017 Results and Footage [19/12/2017]
Here are the results from the All Terrain Ripper contest at Oslo Skatehall.

Skatepark Money For Kongsvinger [19/12/2017]
Kongsvinger Skateklubb has received NOK 750,000 in donation from Sparebankstiftelsen Hedmark for a new skatepark.

Nike SB and Soulland present part 2 [18/12/2017]
Presenting Part 2: The juxtaposition of dark Copenhagen, Stockholm, Oslo and bright Los Angeles.

Isbitarna Open 2017 Results and Footage [18/12/2017]
On the 9th of December some of Scandinavias and UKs most stoked skaters gathered in Stockholm for the 2017 edition of Isbitarna Open.

Full Video: Baba Libre [17/12/2017]
Baba Libre is a new Norwegian homie video.

Commercial: Real For Those About To Rock [17/12/2017]
Hermann Stene, Jafin Garvey and Peter Ramondetta jumped in the REAL van for a day of skating in SF. For Those About To Roll, We Salute You.

Trikkestallen Xmas Jam 2017 Results [17/12/2017]
Here are the results from this years christmas jam in Trondheim.

rets Ildsjel 2017 in Stange [17/12/2017]
Bjrn Thore Dahl Ottershagen has been given the Ildsjel 2017 award in Stange for his work with skateboarding.

Video Part: Daniel, Erik and Vilde in Outsiders [16/12/2017]
Daniel ynes, Erik Nordli and Vilde Klesa in Outsiders.

14 Million For Lillestrm Skatepark [16/12/2017]
The municipal council in Lillestrm allocates NOK 14 million to a new skatepark at Rdhusparken.

Work Started On Nordstrand Skatepark [16/12/2017]
The ground works for the new skatepark at Nordstrand has begun.

All Terrain Ripper 2017 Riderslist [15/12/2017]
43 invited skaters from Norway, Sweden, Denmark and USA are coming to the All Terrain Ripper contest at Oslo Skatehall.

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