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The Kingdom of Norway is a country and constitutional monarchy in Northern Europe.

Also known as: Norge [bokml] / Noreg [nynorsk] / The Kingdom of Norway [offficial english]

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Spotcheck: Steffenjordet Skatepark 2014 [17/12/2014]
Here is an update from the new skatepark in Fredrikstad.

Jessheim Skatepark Construction [17/12/2014]
Here is a picture from the construction of the new skatepark in Jessheim.

Spotcheck: Fosnavg Skatepark 2014 [17/12/2014]
Here is an update from Fosnavg Skatepark.

New Skatepark In Verdal Completed [17/12/2014]
The new skatepark in Verdal has been completed. Here is a picture.

Spotcheck: Skillebekk Skatepark 2014 [17/12/2014]
Here is an update from the skatepark in Mo i Rana.

Spotcheck: Volda Skatepark 2014 [17/12/2014]
Here are some pictures from the skatepark in Volda.

Spotcheck: Haumyrheia Skatepark 2014 [17/12/2014]
Here is an update from Haumyrheia Skatepark in Kristiansand.

Money For Eiksmarka Skatepark [17/12/2014]
Eiksmarka Rulleklubb has received 93.000 kr to build a skatepark at Eiksmarka Skole.

Spotcheck: Fisk Skatepark 2014 [17/12/2014]
We got another picture from Fisk Skatepark in Kristiansand.

Spotcheck: Kjempesteinsmyra Skatepark 2014 [17/12/2014]
The skatepark in Risr has been replaced with a pre-fab park at some point. Here is a picture.

Stjrdal Gets Skateboard Organisation [17/12/2014]
A new skateboard organisation has been created in Stjrdal.

Spotcheck: Finalebanen Skatepark 2014 [16/12/2014]
Finalebanen in Tronheim is a concrete flat area with some DIY obstacles.

Spotcheck: Sveberg Miniramp 2014 [16/12/2014]
Here is a picture of the miniramp in Malvik, Norway.

Spotcheck: Surnadal Skatepark 2014 [16/12/2014]
Here is a picture of the skatepark in Surnadal.

Spotcheck: Trondheim Tollkammer 2014 [16/12/2014]
Here is an update from the famous ledges in Trondheim.

Spotcheck: Clarion Hotel Trondheim 2014 [16/12/2014]
Here is a picture of Clarion Hotel in Trondheim.

Video Part: Nicholas Hansen in How About That [16/12/2014]
Here is Nicholas Hansens part from the How About That video.

Spotcheck: Kanebogen Skole Microramp 2010 [16/12/2014]
Here is a photo from the microramp at Kanebogen Skole in Harstad.

Michael Sommer Skateboarder Interview [16/12/2014]
Michael Sommer talked to about his travels to Barcelona, filming, sponsors and plans.

Trikkestallen X-Mas Jam 2014 Results and Footage [14/12/2014]
Here are results and some footage from this years x-mas jam in Trondheim.

Haugenstua Microramp NM 2014 Results [14/12/2014]
Here are the results from the microramp contest held at Haugenstua Skatepark.

Spotcheck: DnB Larvik 2012 [14/12/2014]
Here are some pictures from DnB Larvik.

Skateboarding on Sveip in 1995 [14/12/2014]
Skateboarders do a demo and interview on an episode of the Norwegian television series Sveip in 1995.

Fritjorf Krogvold on Tande-På Programmet 1992 [14/12/2014]
Fritjorf Krogvold on Norwegian television show Tande-På Programmet in 1992.

Sk8-Boys 1 [12/12/2014]
Humornieu Sk8-Boys

Delta Charlie 4 Mats Hatlem Part [12/12/2014]
Mats Hatlems part from the Delta Charlie 4 video.

Elias Nilsen at Stavanger Skatehall [12/12/2014]
Elias Nilsen puts down some tricks in the Stavanger Skatehall.

Bjarne Tjtta Behind The Night Life [12/12/2014]
The slams, frustration and a few throw away clips whilst filming Bjarne Tjttas night life part.

Frex Mex Jam 2014 [12/12/2014]
A christmas jam is being held at the indoor skatepark in Fredrikstad this Sunday.

Trikkestallen X-Mas Jam 2014 [12/12/2014]
The annual Trikkestallen X-Mas Jam is being held in Trondheim this weekend.

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