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The Kingdom of Norway is a country and constitutional monarchy in Northern Europe.

Also known as: Norge [bokml] / Noreg [nynorsk] / The Kingdom of Norway [offficial english]

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Kickflip at Megazone [2/9/2012]
Richard johnsen with a clean kickflip down the Megazone 10 step stair.

Sondre Bratt Andl at Hakadal Skatepark [8/10/2012]
Sondre Bratt Andl skates the concrete skatepark in Hakadal.

Fall at Yrkesskolen Skatepark [30/12/2012]
Fall footage from the indoor skatepark in Hamar.

Jrn Wiggo Nyberg at Fyrstikkalleen Skatepark [30/12/2012]
Jrn Wiggo Nyberg line at Helsfyr.

Boardshop opens Norways largest action sport store [21/12/2012]
Boardshop has opened Norways largest action sport store in Trondheim, with its own indoor skatepark.

Vida Mansa Launches Website [21/12/2012]
Vida Mansa has launched their new website.

Strmmen Rail Jam 2012 [14/12/2012]
Session Strmmen is arranging a railjam tomorrow. Here is some information.

NORB NM 2013 To Oslo [14/12/2012]
Next years Norwegian Skateboard Championships will be held 1-4 august 2013 at Jordal Skatepark in Oslo.

Trikkestallen X-Mas Jam 2012 Results and Footage [14/12/2012]
Here are the results and some footage from this years X-Mas Jam at Trikkestallen Skatepark in Trondheim.

Website For Norwegian Skateboard Girls [14/12/2012]
The girl skaters in Norway has gotten a new website. Here is some information.

Snowboard Awards 2012 Results and Footage [14/12/2012]
Here are the results and some footage from the Norwegian Snowboard Awards.

Moss Avis Best Trick Contest 2012 Results [3/12/2012]
Here are the results from the best trick contest arranged by Moss Avis.

Sunndalsra Gets New Skatepark [3/12/2012]
Sunndal Kommune has granted money for a new skatepark in Sunndalsra.

Aurskog Skatepark Gets Back Money [2/12/2012]
Aurskog-Finstadbru Sportsklubb got back 165.930 kr trough tax refunds.

People behind Nstedhallen nominated for award [2/12/2012]
Bente og Trond Bardalen have been nominated for Frivillighetsprisen 2012 for their work at Nstedhallen Skatepark.

Spotcheck: Breidablikk Skatepark 2012 [2/12/2012]
Here is a picture of the skatepark at Breidablikk in Sandefjord.

Bjarne Tjtta Legend Line at Cyclone Skatepark [1/12/2012]
Bjarne Tjtta recreates a Dylan Rieder line from A Time To Shine in this Legend Line clip from Cyclone.

Mats Hatlem Legend Line [1/12/2012]
Mats Hatlems tries a transition line from the last Nike video at the Element park at Vierli.

Henning Braaten Legend Line at Cyclone [1/12/2012]
Henning Braaten recreates a Mike Carroll line from the Modus Operandi video at the Cyclone Skatepark.

DC Office with Jonathan Arnestad [1/12/2012]
Jonathan Arnestad at the Cyclone Skatepark.

Marcus Shaw at Cyclone Skatepark [1/12/2012]
Marcus Shaw takes you for a solid lunch at the Norwegian DC office.

Tobias Lien Legend Line at Cyclone Skatepark [1/12/2012]
Tobias Lien recreates two legendary lines from Arto Saaris part in Sorry.

Carl Edvard Heisholdt Legend Line at Cyclone [1/12/2012]
Carl Edvard Heisholdt worked overtime at the office, and recreated a line from Ban This with his favorite skater Ray Barbee.

Eirik Svensen Legend Line at Cyclone Skatepark [1/12/2012]
Eirik Svensen stops by Cyclone to recreate a Wes Kramer line.

Mats Hatlem at Vika Skatepark [1/12/2012]
Young Mats Hatlem shows his transition skills in this extraordinary long lunch break at Vika Skatepark.

Spotcheck: Lesja Skatepark 2012 [29/11/2012]
Here is an update from the skatepark in Lesja, Norway.

Pretty Sweet at Glexe [29/11/2012]
The new Girl/Chocolate movie is being shown at Glexe in B this Saturday. Here is some information.

XO Skateboards at Skien Skatehall [29/11/2012]
XO Skateboards team at Skien Skatehall

Henry Calmeyer at Arena Bekkestua [29/11/2012]
Henry Calmeyer run at Arena Bekkestua, Norway.

Girlskate at Arena Bekkestua [8/12/2012]
Tv8 Girlskate SkateTour episode 10 visits Arena Bekkestua.

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