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The Kingdom of Norway is a country and constitutional monarchy in Northern Europe.

Also known as: Norge [bokml] / Noreg [nynorsk] / The Kingdom of Norway [offficial english]

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New miroramp in Bmlo [13/6/2011]
A new miniramp has been built by Kuleseidkanalen in Bmlo.

Sveio To Prioritise Skatepark [30/12/2011]
Sveio Skatepark has first priority on the lists of sports facilities that was approved recently.

Spotcheck: Hanstad Skole Skatepark 2011 [31/12/2011]
Here are some pictures from the small pre-fab skatepark at Hanstad Skole in Elverum.

Christmas Presents For Horten Skateboardklubb [31/12/2011]
Horten Skateboardklubb received 225.000 kr in presents this christmas, to be used for maintainance and an indoor skatepark at Bromsjordet.

Hery Skatepark Is Financed [31/12/2011]
Financing is in place for the planned skatepark in Hery, andwWork has started on finding and ordering a skatepark.

Nstedhallen Rises Entrance Fee [31/12/2011]
The price to skate at the indoor skatepark in Drammen has been rised to 60 kr. Here is some information.

Arendal Decides On Indoor Skatepark Location [31/12/2011]
The new indoor skatepark in Arendal will be built as part of the new Pollen Parking House under Nesheia.

Vollen Skatepark Plans [31/12/2011]
A new skatepark in Vollen could be ready next spring. Here is some information.

Lardal Skatepark Plans [31/12/2011]
The city council has voted to grant 100.000 kr for a new skatepark in Lardal. Here is some information.

Jevnaker Gets Skatepark Money [31/12/2011]
Sparebankstiftelsen has given 750.000 kr for the construction of a skatepark and a mini pitch by Jevnaker Skole. Here is some information.

Tnsberg To Get Bowl [31/12/2011]
ZeinAir Skateboardklubb got 1,5 million kr to build a concrete bowl in Tnsberg.

800.000 For Zeiner Skatepark [31/12/2011]
The skatepark in Tnsberg is getting 800.000 kr for expansions next year. Here is some information.

Moss could get pre-fabricated skatepark [31/12/2011]
The decision has been made ask for new offers to build the skatepark in Moss, including manufacturers of pre-fabricated skateparks.

Trikkestallen X-Mas Jam 2011 Results and Footage [31/12/2011]
The annual Trikkestallen X-Mas Jam was held in Trondheim a little while ago. Here are results and footage from the event.

Santa Skate Stavanger 2011 Results and Footage [31/12/2011]
Here are results and footage from this years Santa Skate event at the indoor skatepark in Stavanger.

Tacky Invitational 2011 Results and Footage [31/12/2011]
Here are the results and footage from this seasons Tacky Invitational, held in Kongsberg, Norway.

Nike 6.0 Staircase Battle 2012 Vierli [27/12/2011]
Another Nike 6.0 Staircase Battle is being held at Vierli Skisenter next year. Here is some information.

Jule Fuck [27/12/2011]
Christmas edit from Arena Bekkestua.

caMEHL x bekkIS [22/12/2011]
The Justme Website presents another clip from a short session at Arena Bekkestua in December 2011.

Bagjump and Vacation X-Mas Party in Oslo [21/12/2011]
The first bagjump event in Norway is being held at Youngstorget tomorrow, and the new Forum movie Vacation premiers at the party in the evening.

Mads Harlem at Arena Bekkestua [20/12/2011]
5 tricks on the bank at Arena Bekkestua with Mads Harlem.

Notodden Got Indoor Skatepark [19/12/2011]
Notodden got a new indoor skatepark.

Team Update: Vi Duc Truong on Junkyard [18/12/2011]
Seems we forgot to post that Vi Duc Truong was added to the Norwegian Junkyard team a couple months ago. Here is the welcome clip.

Junkyard BBQ Skate Tour 2011 Footage [17/12/2011]
The team went on a BBQ skate tour this summmer. Here is the footage from the trip.

Spotcheck: Sandnessjen Skatepark [17/12/2011]
Here is a picture of the skatepark in Sandnessjen.

etnies FU Tour 2011 Footage [17/12/2011]
Late this past summer, etnies embarked on a tour of Scandinavian Europe through Finland, Norway, Denmark and Netherlands. Here is the official tour video.

Spotcheck: Haugenstua Skatepark December 2011 [16/12/2011]
Justme visited Haugenstua for a late night spotcheck at the indoor skatepark. Here is the footage and information.

Tommy Jørgensen at Haugenstua Skatepark [16/12/2011]
Tommy Jørgensen skates Haugenstua Indoor Skatepark in Oslo, Norway.

Vision Skatepark Has Been Saved [16/12/2011]
The indoor skatepark in Kristiansand has been saved. Here is some infomation on the update and the party.

Santa Skate Stavanger 2011 [16/12/2011]
This years Santa Skate event is being held in Stavanger today. Here is some information about the event.

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