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The Kingdom of Norway is a country and constitutional monarchy in Northern Europe.

Also known as: Norge [bokml] / Noreg [nynorsk] / The Kingdom of Norway [offficial english]

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Spring Activities In Fredrikstad 2019 [23/1/2019]
Fritid i Fredrikstad has put out their spring calendar for 2019.

Marcus Vik: On his home turf in Norway [21/1/2019]
Straight out of the snowy streets of Oslo, Norway, Volcom rider Marcus Vik sent over a fun little mini ramp clip with his friends. After a quick tour of his house, he takes it to the local mini ramp for a quick sesh with his friends!

Music Video: Bigbang Glory Chord [21/1/2019]
Bigbang performing their single Glory Chord.

The Weekend 2019 Stair Contest Footage [21/1/2019]
Footage from the OSL Stair Contest at The Weekend.

Creature Hype 2019 [21/1/2019]
Welcome to CreachTube. The Fiend Club is stacked and ready. Creature Skateboards 2019.

The Weekend 2018 Results and Footage [21/1/2019]
Results and footage from the contests during The Weekend at Oslo Skatehall.

Full Video: Thank You & Goodnight [21/1/2019]
Thank You & Goodnight is the final edit from Monument Skateboards.

Skateline 15-01-2019 [20/1/2019]
Sean Malto, Tom Knox, Inward Heel Hollywood 16, Heitor Da Silva.

Ole Johan Edvartsen 18 Stair Battle [12/1/2019]
Ole Johan Edvartsen 18 Stair Battle

Full Part: adidas Skateboarding Presents Heitor [11/1/2019]
Heitor is the first full-length adidas Skateboarding video part by Heitor Da Silva. Traveling to multiple continents with stops in Barcelona, Taipei, Philadelphia, Los Angeles and Buenos Aires, this edit showcases the power and spontaneity of Heitor rounded out with his unique style and finesse.

SLS 2019 Brazil Hermann Stene Practise Footage [11/1/2019]
Norwegian skater Hermann Stene took a slam before the qualification and did not start, but here are a couple tricks from practise.

De Andre Video Premier [11/1/2019]
Per Christian Lvs latest video De Andre is premiering at Vega Scene in Oslo on 19th January, 2019.

Rough Cut: Karsten Kleppans Just Karsten Part [11/1/2019]
Karsten is a Norwegian powerhouse, hell-bent on burning every spot to ashes. If this edit doesnt get you fired up, it might be time to check your pulse.

Teaser: De Andre [11/1/2019]
Teaser for Pekkas latest skate video.

Video Part: Henning Braaten in Delta Charlie [11/1/2019]
Henning Braatens part from the Norwegian skatevideo Delta Charlie (2007).

SLS WC 2019 Brazil Global Open Qualifier Results [10/1/2019]
Results from the Street League Skateboarding Brazil Global Open Qualifier.

Eirik Skaug at Skien Skatehall [9/1/2019]
OSL Skateboards team rider Eirik Skaug skates the indoor skatepark in Skien.

Movie Monday at Mre Skatehall [9/1/2019]
MovieMonday 07.01.19

Trailer: Lunch [9/1/2019]
Trailer for Lunch.

Video Part: Seilbt Part in Delta Charlie (2007) [9/1/2019]
The Seilbt Part from the Norwegian skatevideo Delta Charlie.

Fagernes Jun 2013 - Sep 2014 [9/1/2019]
Forgotten and uncut footage from the period without a skatepark in Valdres.

Brettkontroll 8mm Bonus [9/1/2019]
8mm from the Brettkontroll DVD (2007).

Teaser: Lunch [9/1/2019]
New skatevideo recorded in Europe in 2012-18.

Lunch Norway Premier [9/1/2019]
Krzysztof Godek new video is being shown at Oslovelo on 9th January, 2019.

Trailer: Brettkontroll (2006) [9/1/2019]
Trailer for the documentary film Brettkontroll by Emil Trier from 2006. The film was published by the Norwegian Film Institute on DVD in 2007.

NORB New Years Speech [1/1/2019]
NORB signs off, sums up 2018 and talks about next year in the final new years speech from the president.

Remember When Skateboarding Was Banned In Norway? [24/12/2018]
NRK Nyheter looks back at the time when the skateboard ban was lifted in Norway.

Mjsskate 2019 [24/12/2018]
Next summers Mjsskate is being held 3-6 July, 2019.

Grenland skateboardklubb Grt-Skate 2018 Footage [23/12/2018]
Grenland skateboardklubb hosted at christmas event for their members at the indoor skatepark in Skien.

Olympic Skateboard Format and Qualifications [23/12/2018]
Here is some information on the skateboarding format in the Olympic Games, and how to qualify for the 2020 skateboard olympics.

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