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Primitive Skateboarding is an American skateboard Company.

Also known as:

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Primitive Skateboards in Miami 2016 Tour Footage [7/3/2016]
Paul Rodriguez and the Primitive Skateboarding team visit Miami Beach for a signing at the M.I.A skate shop. Check out the antics with Spanish Mike and the rest of the guys.

Devine Calloway on Primitive [11/2/2016]
Primitive Skateboarding has announced Devine Calloway as the newest pro.

Shane O Neills Welcome To Primitive Part [22/12/2015]
Thrasher has put out the official Shane O Neill welcome to Primitive part.

Shane O Neill on Primitive [17/11/2015]
Primitive Skateboarding has welcomed Shane O Neill to the team.

P-Rods New Company [18/4/2014]
Paul Rodrigues has started Primitive Skateboarding, and Nick Tucker and Carlos Ribeiro are on the team.

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