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Kevin Kowalski is an American skateboarder.

Also known as:

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Kevin Kowalski 5 and 5 Interview [16/4/2018]
Kevin Kowalski 5 and 5 for Independent Trucks. 5 Tricks, 5 Pools.

Magnified: Kevin Kowalski [28/2/2018]
Kevin finds himself in a tight squeeze and manages to escape unscathed. Incredible...

Kevin Kowalski Juice Interview [20/10/2016]
Juice Magazine did an interview with Kevin Kowalski.

Kevin Kowalski Talkin MOB at Kowalskiland [11/10/2016]
Ten foot walls, fast coping, and an all-time landscape? Blast through the trees with Kevin Kowalski as he tears up his backyard concrete castle, and would Rather Fight Than Switch, on GraphicMOB x Independent Trucks grip.

Kevin Kowalski Next Wave Part [13/7/2016]
Kevin Kowalski epitomizes the Next New Wave with an invigorating, natural style.

Vans Pro Skate 2016 Brazil 3rd Place Footage [13/6/2016]
Kevin Kowalski returned to the podium to claim 3rd place at Stop 2 of the Vans Park Series.

CCS Welcomes Kevin Kowalski [19/5/2016]
CSS has welcomed Kevin Kowalski to the team with this full video part that he filmed for us in just 3 days.

Kevin Kowalski On One Extras [5/5/2016]
Heres over three minutes of raw Kevin Kowalski from the One One cutting room floor for your viewing pleasure.

Kevin Kowalski On One Part [5/4/2016]
Hot damn, this edit is incredible. No cement pit is too big and no terrain is too gnarly for Kevin to conquer. You gotta watch this guy skate.