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Porsgrunn Skatepark is a skatepark in Porsgrunn, Norway.

Also known as: Porsgrunn Skatepark / Campus Kjlnes / Porsgrunn Betongpark

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Vert Ramp Completed at Kjlnes Skatepark [22/6/2019]
The new vert ramp has been completed at the skatepark in Porsgrunn.

Kjlnes Skatepark Gets Miniramp [18/6/2019]
Thanks to generous donations the skatepark in Porsgrunn is getting a miniramp.

Fredrik Winsents at Kjlnes Skatepark [14/5/2019]
Fredrik Winsents at Kjlnes.

Support Vert Ramp For Kjlnes Skatepark [26/4/2019]
Holla Skateboardklubb are building a classic mid-vert ramp at the concrete skatepark in Porsgrunn, and are looking for donations.

Kjlnes Skatepark Gets Vert and Miniramp [8/11/2018]
Kjlnes skatepark gets vert and miniramp.

Porsgrunn Drags Feet On Gift Ramp [27/9/2018]
Holla Skatepark has to move the vert ramp by 2019, and Ulefoss Skateboardklubb wants to give it to the municipality and place it at Kjlens Skatepark, but the answer from Porsgrunn Kommune is strange.

Kjlnes Skatepark At Night [11/8/2018]
Kjlnes skatepark at night

Kjlnes Skate Contest 2018 Highlights Footage [12/5/2018]
Kjlnes Skate Contest 2018 Highlights Footage.

Kjlnes Skate Contest 2018 Footage [12/5/2018]
Kjlnes Skateboard Contest 9.May 2018.

Kjlnes Skate Contest 2018 Results and Footage [11/5/2018]
Results and footage from the skate contest at Kjlnes Skatepark.

Kjlnes Skate Contest 2018 [25/4/2018]
Grenland Skateboardklubb invites to a contest at Kjlnes Skatepark on Wednesday, May 9th, 2018.

Go Skateboarding Day 2017 Porsgrunn Footage [25/6/2017]
Arne Jrgen Enggrav made this edit from Go Skateboarding Day at Kjlnes Skatepark.

Restrictions at Kjlnes Skatepark [11/5/2017]
Skateboarders now have the first claim on using the skatepark in Porsgrunn.

Kjlnes Spring Edit 2016 [15/5/2016]
Even Lassen made this spring edit from the concrete skatepark in Porsgrunn.

Wants to expand skatepark in Porsgrunn [12/4/2015]
Greenland Skateboardklubb wants to expand the skatepark at Kjlnes to make room for both skateboarders and kickbikers.

Skatepark Conflict Continues In Porsgrunn [6/4/2015]
The conflict over the skatepark in Porsgrunn continues, after a parent of a kickbiker wrote a letter with complaints where the rules are refered to as an apartheid system.

Conflict In Porsgrunn After Skatepark Split [2/10/2014]
Kickbike, bmx and inline riders in Porsgrunn are complaining that they are not getting enough access to the skatepark after the city implemented seperate times for the various users based on models used in other cities.

Adrenaline Sessions 2013 Porsgrunn [22/8/2013]
Here is footage and results from the Adrenaline Sessions event in Porsgrunn.

Huf Late Night Skate 2013 [29/4/2013]
This years late skate night event is being held in Porsgrunn next month.

2 Seasons Skate Night 2012 Footage [9/7/2012]
Here is some footage from the annual 2 Seasons Skate Night in Porsgrunn last month.

Junkyard BBQ Skate Tour 2011 Footage [17/12/2011]
The team went on a BBQ skate tour this summmer. Here is the footage from the trip.

Porsrunn Skatepark Could Become Sports Facility [13/11/2011]
Porsgrunn Kommune wants the skatepark to be considered a sports facility. Here is some information.

Porsgrunn Skatepark Could Get Tent [11/10/2011]
Venstre wants to put a tent over the skatepark in Porsgrunn to keep it open all year. Here is some information.

Junkyard BBQ Skate Tour 2011 [17/7/2011]
The Junkyard skate team is going on a BBQ tour next week. Here is some information and the scheduled stops.

Go Skate Porsgrunn 2011 Footage and Results [27/6/2011]
2seasons arranged an event for Go Skateboarding Day in Porsgrunn. Here is some footage and results from the contests.

Go Skate Porsgrunn 2011 [15/6/2011]
2seasons are arranging an event for Go Skateboarding Day in Porsgrunn. Here is some information.

2season Whitsun Skate Porsgrunn [10/6/2011]
Skateboard4Kids, 2seasons and Jart skateboard are hosting a skateboard event in Porsgrunn this weekend.

2seasons Skate Night Footage [6/6/2011]
The 2Seasons Skate Team invited to a night event at the skatepark in Porsgrunn recently. Here is some footage from the event.

Lend a skateboard in Porsgrunn [19/5/2011]
Utlnssentralen and Porsgrunn kommune have bought some skateboards that the kids can borrow for free. Here is some information.

Porsgrunn Could Get Skate Tent [11/5/2011]
A tent could turn the skatepark at Campus Kjles into an all year facility. Here is some information.

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