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OJ Wheels is an American skateboard Company

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Full Video: Elite Vol 1 [24/6/2018]
The OJs crew is thick, with enough styles and approaches to please even the saltiest skater haters. If you cant find some joy in this Elite vid then youre probably a closet scooterer.

Tour Footage: OJ Hits Houston [5/3/2018]
Ben, Nora, and Austin native, Max Taylor came in hot to Houston and left no fullpipe, DIY, or crusty street spot un-skated. Check the recap and then grab your crew and hit the road.

OJ Wheels Southside Skatepark Party Footage [25/2/2018]
Just to give Raybourns first Pro wheel a lil more hype we took Ben, Nora, and Texas native Max Taylor down to Southside Skatepark and threw a party for the occasion. Free pizza, brew, and a Texas size amount of ripping went down - whats not to like about that?

OJ Wheels SouthSide Party Promo [16/2/2018]
OJ Wheels is super hyped to announce the releasing Ben Raybourns first Pro Insane-A-Thane Wheel at SouthSide Skatepark in Houston. Come roll around with Ben and Nora Vasconcellos on Feb 18th - 4-8pm. Free to the public!

Best of 2017: OJ Wheels Re-Squeezed [17/12/2017]
Title says it all. Heres four minutes of our favorite videos from 2017. Guaranteed to get you juiced. Peep it, then go skate!

Team Update: Ben Raybourn on OJ Wheels [18/10/2017]
Unless youve been under a rock, you should know what to expect here: Raybourn ravages through any terrain in his path ending it all with an insane NBD at Burnside.

Roman Pabich on OJ Wheels [10/4/2017]
OJ Wheels is proud to welcome young Roman Papich to the crew with this stack of clips. Still in his teens, Roman is on a rampage to destroy every park and backyard pool in his path.

Sammy Baca on OJ [18/10/2016]
OJ Wheels has welcomed Sammy Baca to the team.

OJ Wheels Shidiots Commercial [11/10/2016]
Cranny took a trip down to Watsonville to find Jason Jessee to deliver and test out his new Shidiot (pronounced shitty idiot) PROJs. Shotguns were fired, chickens hypnotized, and they even managed to skate a little. Confused? Hyped? J.J. doesnt care either way. For speed and bioness... Fuck with the Juice.

OJ Wheels Apakalolos Now 2015 Tour Video [15/1/2016]
This Hawaiian adventure is one hell of a video. Incredible skating, cinematography, and music all percolate for an epic vibe. Mahalo..

Madars Apse on OJ [29/12/2015]
OJ Wheels has announced Madars Apse as their latest team rider.

Nick Boserio on OJ [1/9/2015]
OJ Wheels has announced Nick Boserio as their latest team rider.

Kyle Leeper on OJ [24/2/2011]
OJ Wheels has welcomed Kyle Leeper to their skateboarding team. Here is the welcome video and some information.

Power Rider + OJ [1/9/2010]
Power Rider Wheels and OJ Wheels has joined forces. Here is some information on the update and involved parties.

Horror at Holla II Results and Footage [10/5/2010]
The annual Horror at Holla event was held at the Holla Skatepark in Ulefoss recently. Here are the results and some footage.

Horror at Holla II [27/4/2010]
Justme is proud to be one of the sponsors of the second annual Horror at Holla in Ulefoss this weekend. Here is some information about the event.

Team Update: OJ Wheels [24/4/2010]
OJ Skateboard Wheels has added twelve new riders to their team. Here is some information and introductin videos.