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Monsoon is a Norwegian skateboard movie from Bernhard Sports.

Also known as: The Bernhard Video

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Video Part: Thomas Kahlbom in Monsoon [28/2/2018]
Here is Thomas Kahlboms part in the Moonson video from 2010.

Video Part: Michael Sommer in Monsoon [2/1/2011]
Here is Michael Sommers part from the Monsoon video.

Video Part: Erik Johnsens in Monsoon [30/12/2010]
Erik Johnsens full part from the Monsoon video.

Erik Johnsen Monsoon Bailo [27/10/2010]
Erik Johnsen battles a backside ollie and a bystander during the filming for Moonsoon.

The Monsoon Tour 2010 [10/5/2010]
Bernhard Sports is taking their new skateboard movie on tour around the county. Check out the schedule and information here.

Monsoon Premier [2/5/2010]
Session with the Monsoon skaters, poster signing, contests, prizes and giveaways, are some of the things going down during the Monsoon premier next weekend. Here is the information.

Thomas Kahlbom Monsoon Interview [25/3/2010]
Thomas Kahlbom talks about the Monsoon video.

Teasers: Monsoon Teaser 1 [13/3/2010]
Here is the first teaser for the upcoming Monsoon skatevideo.

Michael Sommer Monsoon Interview [6/12/2009]
Interview with Norwegian skateboarder Michael Sommer for Bernhard Sports and Monsoon.