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The Swag Summer Tour was an annual Norwegian skateboard tour arranged between 2008 and 2011.

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Swag Summer Tour 2010 Skien Footage [17/2/2019]
Raw footage from the Swag Summer Tour stop in Skien.

Swag Summer Tour 2011 [28/5/2011]
Music is the main focus of this years Swag Summer Tour. Here is the schedule and some information.

Swag Summer Tour 2010 [2/6/2010]
Swag and Pepsi Max is once again taking their miniramp on a trip around the country for the Swag Summer Tour 2010. Here is some information.

Swag Summer Tour 2009 Jessheim Footage [6/7/2009]
The SWAG Summer Tour visited Jessheim 19th June, 2009, and Cogumelo Productions was there with their cameracrew!

Swag Summer Tour 2009 [28/5/2009]
The Swag bus is loaded with the Swag mini, prizes, food and drinks for events in eight Norwegian cities next month. Here is the information.

Swag Summer Tour 2008 Oslo Footage [10/6/2008]
We stopped by Jernbanetorget to check out the Swag Summer Tour on their last stop in Oslo, to and got some pictures and videos from the miniramp contest,

Swag Summer Tour 2008 [22/5/2008]
The Swag Summer Tour starts in Bod next wednesday, and they are bringing 250.000 kr worth of prices, a miniramp, music, bbq and tonns of food. Here are all the dates for the tour.