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Brandon Westgate is an American professional skateboarder.

Also known as:

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Brandon Westgate Jenkem Interview [21/3/2019]
Brandon Westgate Jenkem Interview

Brandon Westgate: War and Peace [4/3/2019]
Westgate is one of a kind. Pure POWER, with style and grace to spare. This is 16 minutes you wont forget.

Full Part: Brandon Westgate Bog Town Part [9/1/2019]
Like a cannonball shot out of a GD cannon, this Westgate part kicks off 2019 with a hellacious bang. The BEAST from the EAST never disappoints!

Brandon Westgate Solo Interview [3/10/2017]
Solo Skate Mag Brandon Westgate Interview.

Brandon Westgate on NB Numeric [14/7/2017]
Brandon Westgate has left Emerica to join the New Balance Numeric team.

Tampa Pro 2017 Confirmed Skaters #1 [26/2/2017]
The first 20 confirmed skaters for this years Tampa Pro contest has been announced.

Battle at the Berrics 9 [19/3/2016]
The 9th Battle at the Berrics will feature a lineup with some new blood.

Brandon Westgates First Skateboard [10/10/2015]
aving nothing good to skate didnt stop Brandon Westgate from becoming one of the most powerful skateboarders on the East Coast. Listen how he got his first skateboard in this First Things First.

Brandon Westgate MMC Profile [13/10/2014]
Brandon Westgate Maloof Money Cup profile.

Transworld Skateboarding Awards 2014 Results [30/1/2014]
Here are the results from the 16th TWS Awards.

Team Update: Brandon Westgate on Ricta [31/8/2013]
Ricta Wheels has welcomed Brandon Westgate to the team.

Full Part: Brendon Westgate Boston Snapshot [30/5/2013]
A few days skating BOSTON with BRANDON WESTGATE. Boston is an amazing city with great people and awesome stuff to skate. Brandon took full advantage of the spots it had to offer over the course of a few trips to the city.

Get Set Up with Brandon Westgate [27/6/2012]
Sit back and watch as Brandon breaks down his ride featuring product from all the best brands including Zoo York, Mob Grip, Venture trucks, Bones bearings and Hubba wheels.

Brandon Westgate Hot Seat Interview [27/6/2012]
This week in The Hot Seat is none other than CCS, Zoo York and Emerica Pro Brandon Westgate.

Trick Tip: 360 Flip with Brandon Westgate [27/6/2012]
Zoo York pro and CCS teamrider Brandon Westgate breaks down the mechanics of the 360 flip.

Emerica Outsiders Tour 2011 Recap Footage [8/9/2011]
Here is the full recap of the Emerica Outsider Tour 2011 with the official tour video and more footage from all the stops.

Emerica Outsiders Tour 2011 Norway Footage [15/7/2011]
The Emerica team visited Norway this month as part of their Outsider Tour. Here is some footage from all the stops.

Emerica The Outsiders Tour 2011 Schedule [29/6/2011]
Emericas The Outsiders Tour is visiting Germany, Norway and Finland in July. Here is some information on the scheduled events.

Brandon Westgate Stay Gold B-Sides [27/5/2011]
Brandon Westgate Stay Gold B-Sides

Commercial: Brandon Westgate About The Westgate [14/3/2011]
Emerica and Brandon Westgate talk about the Westgate shoe

Brandon Westgate Shoe Release Party Footage [31/1/2011]
Check out the video report of the Brandon Westgate shoe release party that went down in Los Angeles late January 2011.

Commercial: Emerica Introduces The Westgate [19/1/2011]
Rumbling through the streets of New York, bombing hills in San Francisco and terrorizing spots all over the world, Brandon Westgate is definitely leaving his mark. Brandon is a high speed thrill seeker always taking his skating to the next level. Emerica is proud to introduce The Westgate, Brandons premiere signature shoe.

Brandon Westgate CCS Interview [17/11/2010]
Westgate Week at CCS. Westgate Talks Stay Gold.

TWS Awards 2010 Results [3/7/2010]
The winners of the 12th Annual TransWorld SKATEboarding Awards were announced recently. Here are the results.

Brandon Westgate A Day In NYC [6/3/2010]
CCS spends a day in NYC with team rider Brandon Westgate. Brandon walks you through his new Zoo York Institute line and stops by the CCS office for a look at the new CCS catalog.

Brandon Westgate With CCS [14/6/2009]
Brandon Westgate is the latest member on the CCS pro skateboarding team. Here is the welcome video and some information.

Brandon Westgate Pro With Zoo York [20/5/2009]
Brandon Westgate is the latest pro on the Zoo York skateboarding team. Here is some information.