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Dave Bachinsky is an American professional skateboarder.

Also known as:

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Dave Bachinsky Skateboarding in Slow Motion [31/10/2016]
Turn it down a notch, and a take an easy stroll through Lanark skate plaza with Dave Bachinsky as he skates through the park in slow motion.

Dave Bachinsky Juice Interview [30/9/2016]
Juice Magazine talked to Dave Bachinsky.

Wreck Welcomes Dave Bachinsky [31/7/2016]
Wreck proudly welcomes veteran professional Dave Bachinsky! Raised in the Lowell, Massachusetts, and now ripping in Los Angeles, CaliforniaDave has been shredding everything for decades. His Passion for skateboarding and traveling is evident in everything he does. Enjoy his Welcome part, and as Dave would say Go Shred!

Dave Bachinsky Skates Old City Tallinn [18/7/2016]
Cruise the amazing Old City of Tallinn Estonia with Dave Bachinsky and Beaver Flemming as the wander the historic streets checking out the sights and looking for spots.