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Sewa Kroetkov is a Russian professional skateboarder.

Also known as:

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A Stoner Sesh with Sewa Kroetkov [6/7/2019]
Just a fun skate session at Stoner Skatepark with the homies and nothing but chill vibes.

SLS GO 2019 London Sewa Kroetkov Practice Footage [23/5/2019]
Some clips from the Street League Global Open Qualifiers practice at the Bay 66 skatepark in London.

Sewa Kroetkov Street skating in Los Angeles [14/5/2019]
Sewa Kroetkov recaps a weekend of Street skating in Los Angeles.

Sewa Kroetkov LA Days Episode 1 [1/4/2019]
Sewa Kroetkov LA Days Episode 1: Where my Los Angeles journey started.

Setting up with Sewa Kroetkov [2/2/2019]
Sewa Kroetkov made a segment in which he breaks down his set up.

SLS 2019 Brazil Sewa Kroetkov Practise Footage [11/1/2019]
Sewa Kroetkov practice SLS Rio 2019

Sewa Kroetkov 2018 Insta Clips [9/1/2019]
Sewa Kroetkov started off the year with an ankle injury, but had a lot of fun skating around the world in 2018. Blind, Ricta, GoPro, Red Bull, Venture, Mob Grip, Andale Bearings Hometown: Alkmaar, Netherlands, Stance: Goofy, Age: 28, Status: Pro