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Sewa Kroetkov is a Russian professional skateboarder.

Also known as:

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Sewa Barcelona Streets [7/11/2016]
Join Sewa Kroetkov on a trip around the streets of Barcelona.

Getting To Know Sewa Kroetkov [10/7/2016]
Ever wondered how to pronounce Sewa Kroetkovs name? Dont lie, we know you have. Well, CCS sat Sewa down at the Dwindle headquarters to ask him that question and then once they had him there, they figured they would find out some more about him. From his familys immigration from Russia to Holland, to how the video game Tony Hawks Pro Skater got him stoked on skateboarding when he was 10, Sewa gives us a good idea of what makes him tick. Find out who was his favorite skater growing up and what it was like to win Battle At The Berrics by clicking that damn play button!

Sewa Kroetkov in Slow Motion [16/4/2016]
Watch Sewa Kroetkov skateboarding in slow motion at Hollenbeck Skate Plaza.

Sewa Kroetkov Lost In Los Angeles [14/2/2016]
Tomohiko Sumi has put together some of his footage from filming Sewa Kroetkov for Blind skateboards IOU video.