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The Battle at the Berrics is a professional Game of SKATE competition with thirty-two skaters competing in a bracket-style tournament.

Also known as: BATB / B.A.T.B.

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BATB 11 Finals Night Full Broadcast Footage [23/12/2018]
Battle At The Berrics 11 culminates with your Final FourLuan Oliveira, Tom Asta, BATB 8 champ Sewa Kroetkov, and reigning BATB X champ Chris Joslinin head-to-head battles, hosted by Chris Roberts and BATB 1 champ Mike Mo Capaldi. It all comes down to this

Battle at the Berrics 2018 Results and Footage [13/12/2018]
Here are results and footage from Battle at the Berrics X.

BATB 11 Luan Oliveira vs Chris Joslin Championship [12/12/2018]
Two larger-than-life flatground gods battle it out for the championship. BATB 11, Luan Oliveira vs. Chris Joslin: it doesnt get much better than this.

BATB 11 Tom Asta vs Sewa Kroetkov 3rd Place Battle [12/12/2018]
Tom Asta battles Sewa Kroetkov for third place.

BATB 11 Semifinals Chris Joslin vs Tom Asta [11/12/2018]
BATB X champ Chris Joslin battles Tom Asta in the second BATB 11 semifinals match.

BATB 11 Semifinals Luan Oliveira vs Sewa Kroetkov [11/12/2018]
BATB 8 champ Sewa Kroetkov battles Luan Oliveira in the first BATB 11 semifinals match.

BATB 11 Round 3 Recap [11/12/2018]
What a third round! The BATB 11

BATB 11 Tom Asta vs Mike Mo Capaldi [11/12/2018]
This is itAsta vs. Capaldithe last 3rd round battle to determine who will take that fourth slot for BATB 11 Finals Night.

BATB 11 Chris Joslin vs Felipe Gustavo [28/11/2018]
Chris Joslin, the reigning Battle At The Berrics Champ, faces off against longtime BATB participant (and Plan B teammate) Felipe Gustavo right now in BATB 11, Round 3 Week 2.

BATB 11 Luan Oliveira vs Ishod Wair [28/11/2018]
Every skateboarders favorite skateboarders face off in the second match of BATB 11 Round 3.

BATB 11 Chris Joslin vs Cody Cepeda [15/11/2018]
When two Battle At The Berrics champions face off, you can expect a hell of a show. Chris Joslin (BATB X) meets Cody Joe Cepeda (BATB 7) in BATB 11s Round 2.

BATB 11 Louie Lopez vs Ishod Wair [8/11/2018]
Ishod Wair made his Battle At The Berrics debut in 2011s BATB IV; Louie Lopezs was in 2015s BATB 8. It was inevitable that they would meet in the arena someday.

BATB 11 Diego Najera vs Robert Neal [28/10/2018]
BATB 9 champ Diego Najera faces off against his Primitive teammate, Robert Neala Battle At The Berrics newcomer.

BATB 11 Felipe Gustavo vs Trevor McClung [23/10/2018]
Felipe Gustavo made his Battle At The Berrics debut in 2011s BATB 4; Trevor McClung appeared the following year for BATB V. Today, both are pro for the same company. What are the odds?

BATB 11 Sewa Kroetkov vs Walker Ryan [23/10/2018]
BATB 8 champion Sewa Kroetkov goes up against Walker Ryan, who made his BATB debut in Season 9: New Blood.

BATB 11 Round 2 Skaters [22/10/2018]
These Skaters Are Competing in BATB 11 Round 2.

BATB 11 Ishod Wair vs TJ Rogers [15/10/2018]
TJ Rogers makes his Battle At The Berrics debut facing off against a seasoned BATB vet: Ishod Wair.

BATB 11 Chris Roberts vs Mike Mo Capaldi [13/10/2018]
Its time for these Battletalkers to put their money where their respective mouths are. Finally: Chris Roberts vs. Mike Mo Capaldi in BATB 11.

BATB 11 Tom Asta vs Tom Rohrer [1/10/2018]
Tom Asta la vista Asta meets Tom I am Tom, hear me roar Rohrer in BATB 11.

BATB 11 Trent McClung vs John Dilorenzo [1/10/2018]
Two Berrics Recruits, Trent McClung and John Dilorenzo, will enter the arena and two will leave. But only one will be that much closer to BATB 11 greatness.

BATB 11 Felipe Gustavo vs Nate Greenwood [27/9/2018]
Felipe Gustavo goes toe-to-toe with Nate Greenwood in BATB 11s 12th battle.

BATB 11 Taylor McClung vs Robert Neal [27/9/2018]
Taylor McClung battles series newcomer Robert Neal in BATB 11. Will McClung stitch up a tailored victory, or will he kneel before Robert?

BATB 11 Louie Lopez vs Justin Drysen [20/9/2018]
Two-time Battle At The Berrics skater, Louie Lopez, meets first-timer Justin Drysen for the tenth match of BATB 11.

BATB 11 Scott Decenzo vs Sewa Kroetkov [20/9/2018]
Scott Decenzos previous appearance in BATB was in 2012. Today, he returns to face a champion, Sewa Kroetkov, for BATB 11.

BATB 11 Trevor McClung vs Jack Olson [11/9/2018]
Longtime BATB favorite Trevor McClung meets series newcomer Jack Olson.

BATB 11 Chris Joslin vs Carlos Ribeiro [11/9/2018]
Reigning BATB champion, Chris Joslin, goes trick-for-trick with Carlos Ribeiro.

BATB 11 Kevin White vs Hyun Kummer [3/9/2018]
You probably already know Kevin White as Jumpman Blanco, and you may know Hyun Kummer as Versace Plug. But you dont know nothing until you watch them battle it out in BATB 11.

BATB 11 Luan Oliveira vs Chris Colbourn [3/9/2018]
Luan Oliveira may have shaved off the ol cookie duster, but he still has one Cookie to contend with: Chris Cookie Colbourn. Right now, in BATB 11.

BATB 11 Walker Ryan vs Dominick Walker [27/8/2018]
Walker Ryan meets Walker, Dominick in BATB 11.

BATB 11 Cody Cepeda vs. Tyson Bowerbank [27/8/2018]
In this BATB 11 match, returning BATB 7 champ Cody Cepeda goes toe-to-toe with Tyson Bowerbank.

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