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Ben Raemers is an English skateboarder.

Also known as: Benny Boy [nickname]

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Team Update: Bean Raemers with Slam City Skates [15/4/2018]
Ben Raemers welcome to the Slam team.

King of the Road 2016 Teams [15/10/2016]
Thrasher has announced the King of the Road season 2 team profiles.

eS Welcomes Ben Raemers Properly [20/4/2011]
Ben Raemers has been properly introduced to the S team by a three part video titled The world according to Ben.

Ben Raemers on S [31/3/2010]
eS Footwear has welcomed Ben Raemers to their skateboarding team. Here is some information

Enjoi Welcomes Ben Raemers [7/9/2009]
Enjoi Skateboarding has officially welcomed Ben Raemers to their Am team. Here is the welcome video and some information.

Raemers on Enjoi [3/11/2008]
Ben Raemers recently left Consolidated Skateboards and joined the Enjoi team. Here is some more information on the involved parties.