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JART Skateboards is a skateboarding company from Spain.

Also known as:

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Team Update: Gustavo Ribeiros Pro Full Part [21/5/2019]
Gustavo Ribeiro, one of the most progressive Ams in skateboarding, just turned Pro for JART. Nine To Five is his official Pro video.

Team Update: Jart Introduces Stewie Petar [15/2/2019]
Jart Skateboards rider Petar Stantchev, aka Stewie, is doing big things. Check out his full video part!

Team Update: Pepe Garcia with Jart [20/6/2018]
The Jart team just added a new breath of fresh air. Check out Pepe Garcias welcome part right here!

Jart at the TWS Skatepark [19/5/2017]
The Jart Skateboards team came across the pond during their extended California stay and ripped up the Transworld park. Check the edit.

Jart UK 2017 Tour Footage [1/5/2017]
A few months ago, Jart Skateboards hit the roads of the UK.

Jart Pro Carlos Neira [16/4/2017]
Carlos Neira has turned pro with Jart Skateboards.

The Jart KIDSproject [20/2/2017]
Here is a edit from our youngest team. Everyone in this edit is under 14! Future is looking bright

Jart Skateboards Best of 2016 UNcut [31/12/2016]
Jart Skateboards finish the year sharing by sharing their best moments.

Team Update: Joan Galceran on Jart [13/10/2016]
Jart Skateboards has welcomed Joan Galceran to the team.

Jart Skateboards Mexico 2016 Tour Footage [10/10/2016]
Taking up an invite, the Jart team visited Mexico City and Guadalajara for a trip through an incredible country with some surprising spots to skate.

The PROject Full Video [13/7/2016]
Jart Skateboards presents The PROject, a new full length video featuring a diverse Jart Skateboards team.

Manu Etchegoyen on Jart [8/2/2016]
Jart Skateboards has welcomed French ripper Manu Etchegoyen to the team.

Isaac Garcia on Jart [28/11/2015]
Jart Skateboards has welcomed Mexican ripper Isaac Garcia to the team.

Jart Baguette And Pasta Tour 2015 Footage [22/9/2015]
Jart Skateboards went on a tour in Europe. Here is some footage.

Jonas Carlsson + Jart Skateboards [26/8/2015]
Jart Skateboards has added Jonas Carlsson to the team.

Jart Four Seasons Tour 2015 Footage [31/3/2015]
Join the Basque imprint Jart Skateboards and their international posse as they take the Grand Tour of Europe.

Jart Brazil Tour 2015 Footage [5/2/2015]
The Jart team has been skating around Brazil. Here you have the result.

Fran Molina on Jart [26/4/2013]
A little while ago Jart Skateboards added Fran Molina to the team. here is the welcome video.

Nick Fiorini Pro With Jart [1/12/2012]
Nick Fiorini has turned pro with Jart Skateboards. Here is some information and footage.

Jart All You Need Euro Tour 2012 Footage [22/10/2012]
The Jart team went on a trip around Europe for the All you need video. Here is some footage.

Jart Cataluna Tour 2012 Footage [19/8/2012]
Jart Team went on the Catalua Tour to visit some shops. Here is the footage.

Fernan Origel on Jart [21/5/2012]
Jart Skateboards has welcomed Fernan Origel to the Team. Here is the clip.

Denny Pham on Jart [23/4/2012]
Jart Skateboards has welcomed Denny Pham to the team. Here is the video.

Team Update: Jan Henrik Kongstein For Jart [16/11/2011]
Jan Henrik Kongstein is skating Jart Skateboards. Check out his promo video here.

Nick Fiorini on Jart [19/5/2011]
Jart Skateboards has welcomed Nick Fiorini to the team. Here is a clip and some information.

Ricky Webb on Jart [6/5/2011]
Jart Skateboards has welcomed North American rider Ricky Webb to their team. Here is the welcome video.

King of Skate 2009 Round 20 [29/9/2009]
Round twenty of the King of Skate online game is presented by last years winner Herbie Konig. Here is the information.

Youness Amrani On Jart [9/7/2009]
Jart Skateboards has welcomed Youness Amrani to their amateur team. Here is some information and the presentation clip.

Salabanzi With Jart Skateboards [17/1/2008]
Bastien Salabanzi has joined the Jart Skateboards Team. Here is some more information on the current team riders.